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EDITORIAL: Why Is Westland Closing Haunted Houses instead of Helping Small Business?


The Panic Haunted Experience is now unfortunately closed in Westland.

This entire situation is all over a permit issue. They were granted a two-year Special Land Use Permit in 2016. Being 2018, they felt they were still fully within their rights to host the attraction for the youth of our community. If they aren’t, they want to follow the process to be compliant.

The Stop Work Order says that this lacks City Council Approval, as if this is at their door… well no, Council has final approval. This is apparently because Bruce Thompson is making the owners have to “FOIA the permit and all information surrounding it in order to do business in the City of Westland.” The FOIA was put in last Friday, so the City cannot act like PANIC Haunted Experience are not trying to make sure they are 100% compliant.

This was supposed to be revisited after the two years, but instead, the quote that I was given is that “they get the impression if they were to open, they would be closed down by force by Mayor Wild.” Bill, why aren’t you helping them to do business instead of threatening to close them down?

Why are we trying to prevent people from bringing fun things to the kids of this community? If it’s a paperwork issue, HELP THEM FIX IT. Do the inspection, and let us get these folks get back to providing safe entertainment for our children — not threaten to essentially close them down for the year. I thought you were a problem solver, a “24-hour Mayor.” Don’t tell me you’re too busy, Mr. Mayor — if you can run for Congress, surely you can solve the issues of one small attraction for our children?

Can they do it tonight? No… but they could certainly get an inspection done Monday afternoon and get this on to the City Council Agenda for Monday. It’s all a question of “want-to” ladies and gentlemen… do we want to have nice things here for our kids, or do we want to swim in red tape and garbage?

This is yet one more embarrassment for this city, and takes away yet another HEALTHY, SAFE, AND POSITIVE PLACE TO INTERACT FOR OUR KIDS.

The owner of the attraction says she just wants to pay her people and would donate a large remaining portion of the profits to a Westland Charity. We’ve got people with a lot of money tied up here in Westland that could possibly lose it due to nothing more than bureaucratic red tape.

This is wrong. Do your job, Administration. Tell your Building Department to stop making business owners and citizens FOIA every damned thing because you don’t want to do your jobs.

Go ahead… tell us why we can’t make this happen for the kids of our community, and for small business owners as well. The proprietor of this attraction assures the community that this is a SAFE attraction. They have worked with the City to solve problems before, so why does the City refuse to help them this time?

Let’s fix this. Stop taking away things from the kids.

Original Approval by City Council in 2016:

Open Letter to Arthur Warren, President of the Westland Democratic Club


This letter is to Arthur Warren, President of the Westland Democratic Club.

Mr. Warren, I’d love to know how anyone on the site Move Westland Forward, or any other private citizen, exhibits racism towards you, or anyone else for that matter?

You’ve actually thrown me, a legally-disabled person, out of a Westland Democratic Club meeting for making an audio recording on my smartphone. Should I accuse you of racism? I mean, you’re African-American, I’m Caucasian, and you were in a position of power over me in that meeting, as the President of the Westland Democratic Club.

Of course I wouldn’t accuse you of racism!  I’ll accuse you of bending to the will of Westland City Council President Jim Godbout, but not racism. I’ve been in the Democratic Party for 21 years, and I was a candidate for office, and you STILL treated me that way. Did you ask me to turn my recording off? No. You broke your own by-laws, but that’s OK. It wasn’t racism.

You’re just a politically-motivated asshole, Arthur. Not a racist.

Arthur Warren — politically motivated asshole!

Just like the people on Move Westland Forward, and myself as a private citizen, also have political motivations. The only difference is, we use things that can actually be PROVEN with our words.  You’re damned right we are campaigning against Westland Mayor William R. Wild, but we do it with things that are actually on the public record.  Stating your “opinion” in the way you did in the newspaper? That’s LIBEL, Sir. You might want to get comfortable with that definition, and also with some competent attorneys.

You have tried to connect the actions of Pam Martin, also a private citizen, not only to Move Westland Forward, but to Councilman Kevin Coleman, as well.  Move Westland Forward is run by TWO people, neither of which is named Pam Martin — and Kevin Coleman isn’t liable for the actions of people that happen to support him.  It’s quite funny that you didn’t make this connection to her own BROTHER, who was a candidate in the Westland City Council Primary, but you’ll try to connect her to Mr. Coleman?  How absurd.

I personally have been a civil rights activist for my entire adult life, and I find your false allegations not only atrocious, but harmful to the entire Civil Rights Movement. I believe I was the only candidate officially endorsed by Move Westland Forward in the primary election, and to be indirectly linked to racism allegations is as appalling as it is preposterous. The Grahams are GOOD PEOPLE who want the best for WESTLAND, and not what is best for their personal enrichment.

It is even more rich to see you speak about “hate” without substantiation, considering you are one of the main people coming out in support and endorsement for Michael Londeau, who has anti-gay Tweets as part of the public record, and never even addressed or apologized for them. Did you revoke your endorsement of this “Democrat?” Of course not, you’ve doubled down on it. Believe me, it is equally appalling that the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party backs your Club in endorsement of that candidate, and Bill Wild as well, considering you BOTH endorse a “Democrat” that has such hateful language on the public record.  (Mr. Londeau has tweeted out “How’s my dick taste, fag?” along with other such beauties, before deleting his Twitter — without acknowledging or apologizing for his hateful words, for those who may be unaware.)

I’m about sick of seeing the Grahams accused of being “extreme” and now you’ve gone and called them a HATE GROUP, and at a televised City Council meeting, no less? For posting facts and actually being willing to speak on politics? That’s extreme? Who exactly are they “hating”, except for the campaigns of Bill Wild and his merry band of endorsees?

The entire city let you know exactly what they thought of that little newspaper article, and odds are, it probably lost your candidate and friend, Bill Wild, the election. This is America, and a suburb of Detroit — we don’t take kindly to people “crying Wolf” over racism.

You should resign as President of the Westland Democratic Club today.  You do NOT represent Democrats in Westland.

Why I am Endorsing Tasha Green for Westland City Council!


Greetings, citizens of Westland, Michigan!

My name is Jason S. Jackson, and I was a candidate for your City Council in Westland in the 2017 primary election.  While I was defeated in the primary this time around, I will always love and attempt to do the right thing for my hometown of Westland, and that is the reason why I am writing to you today.

I’m here to tell you that I fully endorse the candidacy of Ms. Tasha Green for your Westland City Council, in the Westland General Election to be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Tasha Green is an accomplished businesswoman, mother, and prominent social activist.  She stepped onto the front lines with myself and many others during the awful union-busting scandal at our William P. Faust Library, where highly-educated women were terminated from their jobs for attempting to exercise their right to organize.  She spoke out strongly with us and helped to cause real change at our library — returning those women to work, and helping to appoint a better Board of Directors to take our Library forward. 

As some of you may know, I had heated policy debates with Tasha Green both during, and in the aftermath of the primary election.  Instead of running and hiding, she engaged.  Cooler heads prevailed, and we were able to understand why we disagreed.  That is definitely a missing quality in our city… the ability to engage and work towards the betterment of WESTLAND, and not OURSELVES.  Tasha showed me that she isn’t out for herself at all, she’s out for the City of Westland and making it a better place to live for our families.

She has been endorsed by the United Auto Workers (UAW), the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO, and many other union organizations such as the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights.  My family has over 115 years of UAW service combined, with many in our family either retired or currently still employed by General Motors, and UAW members.  We’re confident that Tasha Green will protect union values, women’s rights, and help to calm the racial tension that has unfortunately cast a horrible shadow on this election.  

Ms. Green has also been a fierce advocate for public safety, fighting City Hall to make sure her Westland neighbors had safe lighting in their neighborhoods to prevent crime.  She has spoken out for first-responders like our Police and Fire Departments, and has actual real-world experience to let you know she can get the job done.

Unlike so many others in this election, Tasha Green is a business owner.  She has real ideas for business because she’s actually in the business world.  She is an internationally-accredited property manager, a licensed real estate broker, and a licensed abatement contractor.  In a city with major property vacancies, and a projected budget deficit of $7,000,000 by the year 2021, the time for half-measures and games are OVER!  The time has come to put intelligent and qualified people in our seats of power — so we can restore Westland to true prominence, and make Westland a shining light as the tenth-largest city in Michigan!

The time has come to vote for Tasha Green.  I am, and as a former candidate for this office, I fully endorse Tasha’s candidacy, and wish her the best of luck. 

Please VOTE on Tuesday, November 7, 2017!

Progress at the Westland Library and Impact on the City Council Race!


The citizens of Westland have learned today that Mayor William Wild has had certified letters sent to all five terminated librarians offering their employment back, along with an apology on behalf of the City of Westland for how they have been treated.

TRUE PROGRESS WAS MADE. It was made because of the actions of our community, choosing to STAND AGAINST INJUSTICE. So many deserve thanks, starting with the librarians themselves — but people like Kristy Cooper who has spent SO MUCH TIME organizing protests and providing information to get the movement going.

(EDIT: For those that don’t know, Library Board President Mark Neal and Vice-President Antoinette Martin both also resigned, leaving us with no Library Board.)

Fellow City Council candidates Joe Schaefer, and Tasha Green were also instrumental in helping to provide pressure at every possible opportunity. There are so many who need to be recognized for what we’ve been able to accomplish, but it all starts with US, the WESTLAND CITIZENS. We bonded together against injustice and we provoked true change.

So much to say, but always remember, YOUR VOICE MATTERS. If you see something is wrong, don’t just “let it go” or assume someone else is going to help you. You must be the change you wish to see in your city and your world.

You won’t hear it from me often, but thank you as well to Mayor William R. Wild for finally acting decisively to end this embarrassment for the City of Westland.

Impact on the Westland City Council Race

The City Council candidates that ARE PRO-LIBRARY AND LIBRARIANS are:

Jason S. Jackson
Councilman Peter Herzberg
Joseph “Joe” Schaefer
Steve Boron
Tasha Green
Jody White
Jesse Davey

Not one of the other City Council candidates spoke out or attended a library board meeting at any time. Importantly, longtime incumbent Councilman Michael Kehrer never ONCE spoke out against the library board or for the librarians being put back to work. He is running for re-election, and he was clearly on the wrong side of this issue, and he remains there today.  He has just accepted the endorsement of the Westland Democratic Club, so make sure to ask why he’s on the anti-Union side here.

Mr. Kehrer and City Council President James Godbout were the only two Council members to never, at any point, speak in support of either the librarians, or the library director being removed.

Councilman Kevin Coleman, Councilman Peter Herzberg, Councilman Bill Johnson, Councilman Adam Hammons and Council President Pro Tem Christine Cicirelli Bryant all spoke out either in favor of the librarians or the removal of the library director.

There are 16 candidates in this race, and only 7 of them, including myself, can claim taking a stand on this issue. I hope you, the citizens, ask those other candidates why?! Ask yourself why none of the candidates that have been endorsed by Mayor William Wild were on the right side of this issue?

Thank you to all our elected officials who did take a stance on this issue, and to the other candidates who lent their time or a voice to this extremely important issue affecting both our great library and the taxpayers of our city.

Why My Campaign Is Endorsing Kevin Coleman for Mayor of Westland!


You know the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world?” That’s what Kevin Coleman has shown me since he has become an elected official. He’s present, engaged, and dedicated to changing Westland for the better.

BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the City. Register to vote. If you’re not registered, someone with my campaign or Kevin’s Mayoral Campaign will help you. Our last City Elections had only ~7% primary turnout, and only 12% voted in our General Election. You can only make these changes if you are registered to vote and living in the City of Westland. The primary is on TUESDAY AUGUST 8TH, SO IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK! We are proud to help you become a registered voter.

Everyone knows the policy record. I’m comfortable running on the platform I’m running on, and it aligns right along with Kevin Coleman’s. Citizens are fed up with crime and want more good police. They want drugs and crime out of their communities, and there is a lot of people out here who have suffered with addiction and dependency that WANT help. They want better roads and schools. They want a good job, and their family to be safe, and their kid to get an education — without getting ripped off on taxes. They want to have their business here and be prosperous. They want the senior members of their family to be able to access high quality care nearby, or support services. They want to stop being embarrassed every time their City is on the news and their friends ask them “Wow, is it really that bad in Westland?”

Our police do a very tough job, and they’ve done it very well for the resources they’ve been given. However, you can’t expect to have 26% less police on the street and do better on crime. That just isn’t being realistic.

I’m sick of all my friends telling me they have to move out of this City. We grew up here, and we used to really love it here. We used to go to the Westland Festival and to the Fireworks. A lot of us went to John Glenn and Wayne Memorial, and we’re not stupid people… and we still have many great educators living and working here. We used to play volleyball behind the Bailey Center, and work out and play basketball inside. We used to go to the Little Caesars Family Fun House. We used to go to K-Mart. We used to go to Macy’s. We used to take better care of our ballfields where our kids play. We used to be able to get a Special Trash pickup with a phone call and a heads-up… we used to be able to get a job.

I’d contemplated entering politics for some time, but it took my friends and family saying, “You know, there really is a lot of good you can do — why don’t you just run for office?”

Well, I did. Just like Kevin Coleman did, and is doing now. We’re trying to be the change we wish to see in our City. I hope you’ll join us. The way you build community is to get like-minded people together and activating them. We all care about the City. Now let’s unite and get to putting it back to the Westland we all loved. You only get a better community if you invest in it.

Is it a balance? Absolutely. But that balance has been upset.

My name is Jason S. Jackson, and I’m running for Westland City Council. My campaign fully endorses the candidacy of Kevin Coleman, and I hope he’ll be the next Mayor of Westland. If you’d like to volunteer or donate for people that have progressive and positive ideas for Westland, please contact the campaigns! We’d love to hear your concerns and share our views, and we absolutely need every bit of grassroots support we can get to make these wholesale changes in our City Government. THANK YOU, WESTLAND!

Positive Politics for Westland? I’m Running for City Council.


My name is Jason S. Jackson, and I spoke for the first time at Westland City Council on Monday. I also declared my intent to campaign for election to a seat on that Council at the meeting, and am reaffirming that intent here as I have filed today and am now considered a candidate under the laws.

I’m releasing this from my blog and will be asking our local news to treat this piece as a press release.

I was there because I’m angry, and my neighbors are angry. We’re finally angry enough that we’re stepping into the ring.

My parents used to be big people in this town before my father passed away, and then the city pretty much forgot about us. My Dad is the front and center memorial brick of the Vietnam War Memorial behind the brick honoring Kenneth Mehl. No one from the city reached out to us when the Veterans Memorial Garden was built, and my father was honored. Mom’s still here. I’m still here. Boy, they’d reach out when my Dad was still alive, though… his name was Dave Jackson, and a lot of our Senior Veterans will know who he is. It was Dad’s 70th this year, only he was gone at 42 because he served our great country heroically and died of Agent Orange.

I don’t have any personal vendettas against any of the people on the Council or in the Mayor’s Office. I feel the record speaks, and again, the citizens are very angry. I’m very angry. It’s one of the reasons why I threw my hat in the ring.

I’m not going to bash anyone personally. We can all sling a whole bunch of mud and throw dirt at each other, or we can just say “This is what I want to do, either you like it or you don’t.” I’m not a conventional politician. I’m not going around digging into your background. I’m not dropping FOIA requests on anyone.

I honestly think, other than to acknowledge a quote, or something you’ve specifically said, I won’t have to mention a single name of anyone on the Council or the Mayor’s Office this entire election for everyone to know who and what I’m talking about. That’s the problem.

I have to address if I like the Mayor’s policies or not because every citizen asks.

I have to answer questions about Council President Godbout because the citizens are making grassroots efforts to recall him. I don’t have any personal vendetta, I’ve still never truly MET either man. It’s all policy. I think I can do a better job than others on this Council, and I’m going to give it a rip.

I just feel we need different ideas. Citizens are lining up to run for office, which is amazing and I support every candidate that is out there, a lot of them first timers, in exercising their right as Americans to run for office. But, if the problems of this City weren’t so huge there wouldn’t be right around 30 people that picked up petition packets to run for this Council. I think the platform of issues I intend to campaign on will mobilize Westland residents to action and win me election, with the support of my fiancee, family, and friends.

We also need to encourage more of our citizens to get involved. Our last City Primary had only ~7% turnout, and the General had just over 12%. Not enough of you are engaged with your city and you’re letting it get away from you. It’s not all their fault, its OURS too. We need to make a better effort to get citizens registered to vote, and then to actually get them to do it. I’m dedicated to teaching any Westland resident to vote that wants to. Contact me personally, I’m happy to help.

Citizens are lining up at City Council, and things are getting tense. I’ve only met a few of these men and women personally, and I’ve no wish to engage in negative politics. Let’s just talk about issues and be good humans to each other.

The folks I have met have treated me incredibly positively and welcomed me to politics. After the City Council meeting the other night our Westland City Clerk, Mr. Richard LeBlanc, made sure to get my attention and let me know he’d be willing to speak with me, and did so quickly. I feel that needs to be said as it is not on video. The man made time to answer my question, even if I didn’t really like the answers I was given. Those answers weren’t necessarily his fault…

Other than that the only members of Council to engage were Councilmen Johnson, Coleman, and Herzberg. All three men were pleasant, engaged and professional and welcomed me to local politics. I’ve never met Councilman Hammons. I know Councilman Kehrer, and I’ll have no further comment except to say I disagree with him on policy. Council President Pro Tem Cicirelli-Bryant was absent excused and I’ve never met her. I look forward to speaking with her.

So, I have no personal issues with any of these people, and if I do — I’ll just let the policy and what it has shown our city speak.

I did not intend to “campaign” at the podium, and just felt it was proper to introduce myself and announce my intentions out of professional courtesy since many of us have not met. I’ll refrain from mentioning I am a candidate for office at meetings in the future. However, I am extremely passionate about the issues that I addressed, and I believe the citizens are as well. I think they’ll know who I am, and so will you if you’re willing to take the time to say hello.

I do believe we need to invest in our police force. I do believe we need to do everything possible to rid our streets of dangerous drugs like heroin, and to do a better job of helping those touched by the addiction it leaves. I do think people need to stop getting killed. I think homes need to stop being broken into. I think our mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters ought to be able to feel safe on the streets without pepper or OC spray to protect themselves. I do help run a support group on Facebook for the Fallen Friends of Westland John Glenn High that serves over 5,500 Westland alumni and their families that have lost loved ones from our school, and we see far too many die preventable deaths. I’ve lost friends to heroin. I’ve lost friends to suicide. I’ve lost friends to murder.

Don’t get me wrong, I think our police officers do as great a job as they can under very difficult circumstances. AGAIN, we need to INVEST in our police force, not have fewer of them on the streets. Our citizens won’t leave their homes and engage our businesses and our activities if they are scared. They’re scared, a good many of them. If I’m elected to serve Westland, staffing the Police Department and doing our best to hold them accountable for being fair with citizens will be among my greatest concerns. Our officers do a very tough job, and we need to give them the ability and the investment to do it well and ethically.

I also think we do need real answers at the library. I don’t think it’s right that we now have a concession on the record that the library director is on leave because she’s so poisonous politically they can’t have her there because it could appear improper during a Unionization vote. We’re MICHIGAN and we’re having union beefs? With LIBRARIANS, no less? Come on, folks… Come out, admit you biffed it, hire them back, allow them to unionize and restore programming to our Library. We spent an awful lot of money on it not that long ago, and we’re already removing vital staff?

I think we’d be better led moving forward by a progressive young leader in Councilman Kevin Coleman and if he should throw his hat in the Mayoral race, I would fully support that. The video of Monday’s meeting shows a legislator who is trying to get things done, as he was active and engaged at the meeting. At least he’s trying, active, and PRESENT. Mayor Wild was not. I’ve never met Mayor Wild and looked forward to it. I figured he would be at a meeting in such a charged political climate to hold himself accountable to YOU, the citizens that elected him. It is his choice whether or not to attend Council meetings or not, but I was disappointed he wasn’t there. I actually tripped on my remarks because I had to change them from starting with Mr. Mayor.

Am I saying I am some perfect person? Absolutely not. But I am dedicated to Westland, and the people that know me will let you know it, and so will I when I come see you myself. I’m confident I can engage in positive politics on the issues and win the vote. I wish everyone who runs a great campaign and the best of luck. I’m comfortable with my platform, and I’m open to new information. If a citizen tells me there’s a problem, let’s look at the RIGHT way to solve it, and not just the way we’ve always done it.

The citizens just want to go back to when they could be proud of their city. Many have made it clear they currently are not.

Let’s try to change that. We have to do it together.

Let’s go back to Pride-Progress-Promise once again. I look forward to meeting you, Westland. My name is Jason S. Jackson, and I am running for Westland City Council.

Want a Sign of “Good Faith” Mr. Trump? Nominate Merrick Garland!


Welcome back, friends.

People seem to be stabilizing now after an extremely long and difficult week for our country.  More and more are now starting to look forward to what a Donald J. Trump Presidency may look like, and political maneuvers we may see in the near future.

One of the main things I’m seeing on social media are possible things President Trump could do to show a “good faith” approach to working with the American people, and to promote healing throughout the country.

I feel there is no better way for the President-Elect to begin the healing process than by putting Merrick Garland’s name immediately forward for nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Sure, it sounds crazy, but this move offers Mr. Trump many benefits that would help both his ability to govern and his relationship with what is currently an extremely hostile Left.

First, this would allow President Trump a way to immediately show that he respects and understands the Constitution.  It is not a feasible scenario for the Supreme Court to not be able to replenish its numbers during times of divided government.  The Republicans will eventually have a situation similar to President Obama’s this term, and they will want their Justices confirmed.  This move would send a strong rebuke to Congress, coming from a GOP President, and would allow Trump to establish that he intends to govern both firmly and fairly from the start.

Second, this would give Mr. Trump some sorely-needed political capital with the Left.  Getting President Obama’s nominee confirmed would show the Democratic Party that he is willing to work with them on issues, and would give everyone in the government a starting point for future negotiations on future issues.  Judging by President Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, he’ll want some goodwill as he tries to get his ball rolling during his honeymoon period.

Donald Trump, unlike Mike Pence, has shown at least some ability to be at least somewhat open on social issues.  Trump has said that he WILL be a President supportive of the LGBT community, for example, and making a more liberal judge his first Justice would help some very scared folks to breathe a bit easier.

Finally, nominating Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court would show federal agencies and employees outside of the Legislative Branch that he intends to be a fair man who will not allow good public servants to be held out for ridicule.  Mr. Garland’s reputation has suffered needlessly, and for no reason other than being President Barack Obama’s choice.  He has the most federal judicial experience of any nominee to have ever been nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States, and President Trump has always been a “best person for the job” type of guy, at least if his television shows were any indication!

Most importantly, putting Merrick Garland’s name forward is the RIGHT thing to do.  If President Trump is looking for a show of good faith that he intends to be a good and just leader, I can’t think of a better way.  Let us hope that the President-Elect will consider this, and we can begin to heal and move forward as a country.

THIS. IS. WHY. WE. LOST. Listen up, Bill Maher!


No, Bill Maher, it wasn’t because of Islam or political correctness.

No, Donna Brazile, there’s nothing YOU can do to help us.

The Democrats lost the 2016 Presidential Election for one simple reason.  The primary was never a democratic process.  There were *SEVEN* states where Bernie won primary contests and broke even or lost to Hillary.  In my home state of Michigan, Bernie won the primary and then lost the roll-call vote (you know, the one that matters) 81-66!

That’s right, he WON the primary but actually lost.  Does any of this sound “democratic” Debbie and Donna?

How about Wisconsin?  Bernie won the primary by 13.5 points and netted 4 delegates.

You could have never had a ridiculous leak that showed us all of the party financials and all of your idiotic communications.   You could have stepped foot in Wisconsin at least once.  You could have had anyone in Detroit go, “Wow, there’s a lot of people that can’t stand Hillary here, and a shitload of Trump signs.”

When CNN’s coverage said “The election is likely to come down to Wayne County, Michigan” we were dead in the water.  By the time Hillary came to speak to those voters they had disenfranchised in Michigan, it was already too late and the Motor City was a gigantic Trump sign.

You ran a criminal for the highest office in the land, and then disenfranchised people in *SEVEN* states to elect her, DNC.  FIVE of those states went to Donald Trump.  I was getting communications from Bernie Sanders daily — Hillary Clinton never tried to talk to me once.

I swore I’d never vote for that criminal and I came back to the nest to try to save us all from a maniacal dictator.  Don’t try to blame this on anything more than what it is — the wholesale corruption and failure of the Democratic National Committee, who should all resign today.

Bernie Sanders preached revolution.  Well, the left needs to revolt and give it to them.  We aren’t going to take this anymore.

Bill Maher, I look forward to debating these issues on your panel.  I used to highly value your contribution to the dialogue but your analysis of the election shows you to be as tone-deaf as the Democratic National Committee.

Real Ideas Toward Real Political Revolution for Democrats!


Welcome back, friends!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts again today with the tag #OurRevolution, and I felt compelled to chime in again.

A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in political power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up in revolt against the current authorities.

Bernie laid this idea in your heads, but you aren’t using it, and neither is he — not really.

All I’ve heard over the last two days is how it must be Keith Ellison to take over the DNC, and that Howard Dean has thrown his name in the hat. Now, I again want to state that I’m sure Keith Ellison is a fine man, and of course, he has the endorsement of Senator Sanders. This doesn’t mean ANYTHING to me.

We need a FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE in POLITICAL POWER and ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES in the Democratic Party. Fundamental change does NOT mean you turn around and embrace the same person that just put our party in this situation — and that is anyone that didn’t have the fortitude to stand up against a rigged game. Yes, we need to do things quickly, but we don’t need to do the WRONG things quickly. We must make the right decisions in a RELATIVELY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME.

Our population is currently RISING UP IN REVOLT, but they aren’t doing it against the CURRENT AUTHORITIES. Right now, if you are a progressive, you need to be speaking up to your local Congressman or thought leader and getting the attention of your Democratic “authorities”.  Make it clear to Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, and all of the other “names” of the Democratic Party that we’re not playing around and we are taking back our government, starting with our party!  Get it spread around that the Democratic Party needs to REBUILD from the ground up.  We need new people pulling the strings and a new set of of structures.


An unelected superdelegate such as Jill Alper in Michigan should not be taking my vote away from me, EVER.  They cannot tell us the process is too hard, CNN just posted a billion dollar profit on our election and we have votes literally piped into systems on live TV’s to bring the election to a television audience in real time.  Count the votes, and pick the nominee.  ALL ideas must be heard if we are to rebuild ourselves and then our country.

It is absurd that these REPRESENTATIVES presume to LEAD YOU.  This country is about WE THE PEOPLE, not your elected officials leading.  This is why they are called representatives and not leaders.  This is not negotiable – we have the power of our votes, and without our votes none of them can maintain office and the wealthy, pampered lifestyle of Washington, D.C.

If the Democratic Party wants to continue to be competitive in elections, they must have your support.  Make them actually make a fundamental change and start seeking the revolution you’ve been told so much about.  There is no better time to build from the ground up than when the ground is literally all you have.

Please start getting on message, Democrats — our entire future depends on it.  This current message is certainly not the way forward.



Welcome back, friends!

I’m already starting to see it trend that #OurRevolution is petitioning to get Rep. Keith Ellison installed as the chair of the DNC. I am shaking my head in disgust at both Democrats and people claiming to be “for revolution” as they would install a leader that just endorsed the process which essentially cost us our entire political lives.

Now, this isn’t a shot at Keith Ellison’s ability or his character. I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

The fact remains that he and people like Elizabeth Warren and other “leaders” on the left all endorsed this process. They all know superdelegates are intended to squash grassroots efforts, and they all just fully endorsed your disenfranchisement.

I don’t know, maybe I’m madder than you are. Michigan goes red? I live in Michigan. Bernie won the primary vote in our state, and when *real* votes went in at the convention, Bernie lost to Hillary by a score of 81 to 66. The DNC disenfranchised me and then expected my vote.

Keith Ellison endorsed that process and Hillary Clinton. No one that endorsed that process should be anywhere near the controls of our party. We’re already starting to talk about “taking our country back” but we’re going to use the exact same people that fucked our party up so beautifully?

We have the communications of the DNC, and we’ve got the books. We also have NEITHER body of Congress, we lost the Executive Branch, and we’re about to lose the Judicial Branch as well. Which means we’ve also got a FRESH START. We need NEW thought leaders capable of adapting to the new political order, not the same people that just put our party in such an embarrassing and compromised position.

I will NEVER sign any petition to nominate someone to run my party who has seen corruption and raised its hand in support. Ever. You can tell me “Well, that’s just how politics go” and I’ll tell you apparently not anymore. Every rule in the game has now changed and the scenario is one that none of us have ever seen, a FULLY conservative leadership.

If liberal progressives want to actually start talking about real change, I’m all ears, but this is the same old bullshit I’ve come to expect from the Democratic Party and I AM NOT BUYING IT. You are not keeping my support while you send me politicians that endorsed or supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in any way.

And that means Bernie, too. Bernie could have made a real stand for the American people and contested the convention and he did not do so. Everyone is going to act as if our convention did not exist and act as if everyone hearing “Hillary is a criminal!” didn’t happen. People are forgetting people like Nina Turner, who was stripped of her right to even address the convention.

We are about to fight the 1960’s and 1970’s all over again, I sure hope you people are prepared and listening to someone with any self-respect or guts. Because this crap is neither one.