Starting from Scratch!

Server migrations suck!

For those of you that have read my work for some time, I had a nice little archive going on… but it is all gone.  I fucked up when I got my new computer and forgot to save the exported data before I nuked the drives on the old computer to give to the wife. 🙁  

So… as the title says… I’m starting from scratch.

This might be a great thing, considering I’m 100% a different person than I used to be.  

Local politics?  No, thank you.  I’m helping a friend with their campaign for the Wayne-Westland School Board, but that’s it.   I know she’s not corrupt, like I know Councilwoman Tasha Green isn’t corrupt.  They are, to my recollection, the only people active in Westland politics currently who are not corrupt or compromised.  

The City Council is going to do whatever Mayor Wild is told to do by the Reddy’s.  You’re not voting him out.  Please stop humoring William Asper that he can be a Mayoral candidate.  He’s literally threatened to rape my wife, he’s been convicted of Aggravated Stalking, and thinks he is qualified to run Westland because he is a “Shacktown Slumlord.”  You’ve only got to be on a comment thread with him for a few comments to see he’s definitely unfit to serve in public office.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because I believe the entire system is rigged, all the way up the chain.

So, it is great that I’ve got a fresh start.  I’m going to write about the events of the world that I see that I feel are actually interesting and worth talking about.  My wife and I are going to enjoy our lives, for what is left of them.  We see the authoritarian control of the New World Order creeping in, and we know at some point in the future, we’re going to have a choice to either be forced to take a vaccine for COVID-19, or run.  

I can tell you which one we AREN’T doing.  

For those of you that think I’m just a full-blown “conspiracy theorist” at this point, you won’t really see much of that on this site, except for what I just mentioned above — and I only mention that because it is going to be an absolute fact of life.  All the things that we’ve been warning about… they are coming home to roost.

Anyway, I had to start somewhere, so there we go.  It’s good to be back and able to write absolutely whatever I like on my own servers, with protection so solid that they’ll never be able to DDoS me into oblivion again.  

As always…

I don’t ask you to agree — I only ask you to think.  

See you soon!


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