The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge (Explaining my FM Tweets!)


Howdy, Football Manager Twitter! 😀

I’m posting this from my personal site as I haven’t restarted my Football Manager website as of yet. As some of you know, I used to run FMChampions, and that is what I used to identify as on this Twitter. I did a bit of time as a streamer, enough to get to affiliate, and then due to issues with my health, and also the health of those in our immediate family, I disappeared from the “FM Scene” entirely.

I have been absent from the forums for some time, and I apologize for that, as I was taking care of the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge on the SI Forums, and I said I would return, and I haven’t. I was trying to maintain it during a very bad time for our family, and I finally just blocked out the world of gaming entirely.

Anyways, enough babble, things are well enough now that I am writing full-time again, and I’m also playing a lot of Football Manager again, and documenting my exploits on Twitter. I’ve actually had a person on Twitter ask if they could “do what I was doing” with Plymouth Argyle.

Dude, you can do absolutely whatever you like. 😀 But, I’m playing an extremely popular challenge on the official SI Forums, known as The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge. I’m going to post the rules of the challenge here for easy reference, but you can also find the official thread for it here:

Here’s the rules for a quick reference, though:

The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge

Start as an UNEMPLOYED 20-year-old manager (or 19, if you use your real birthday, and that is the way it works it out.)
You start with no coaching badges, and your playing experience is Sunday League Footballer.

You can load any leagues you like, and as many leagues as you like. I personally load all nations I think I need (and a few for affiliate club/work permit purposes) but you can load them as you need as you go along.

I *personally* loaded:

England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, South Africa, China, Mexico, Brazil


You begin unemployed at 20 and must win the following trophies at Club level. May the Force be with YOU.

English Premier League
La Liga Santander
Ligue 1
Serie A

and FIVE other top-flight championships. You must also win ten different domestic cups, and the Cups must allow all top-flight teams in that league to enter.

You must also win at Club level:

UEFA Champions League
Copa Libertadores
CONCACAF Champions League
Asian Champions League
African Champions League

I hope you can see why I chose the nations I did. You need leagues that give you a chance of winning their top-flight and their Continental title.



FIFA World Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup

European Football Championship
Copa America
Gold Cup
Africa Cup of Nations
AFC Asian Cup of Nations

In other words, this challenge is the Pentagon high on meth and crack at the same time — but it has been completed, and I’m actually trying to do a speed run currently. 😀

Best of luck to anyone that chooses to participate!

Special thanks to those that follow me on Twitter and Twitch, I will be returning soon, and with a new website all about football and Football Manager! My wife and I had to get real life in order first, before we could pursue passion projects. Thanks for understanding! 😀


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