“Love Overcomes” – a Guest Post by Jacob Paul Johnson!


Today marks three years since an attack on an LGBT safe space by an ISIS-inspired Domestic Terrorist. 49 Lights joined the heavenly dance floor and 53 others were injured in the attack. Three years since the worst attack on the LGBT Community, and what was at the time the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

I can remember waking up and going to work that day in 2016…. and watching as the news poured in. I felt replaced with those who no longer were with us, as they could be friends, family, it could have been me.

I asked myself the question “are my friends safe?”

It could have been here in Detroit. It could have been anywhere!

Then to this past weekend… here in Detroit, Nazis marched outside a family event. They had every intention to start a violent riot, harming children and innocents. They brought their hate-filled message to a celebration of love and the freedom to express yourself.

This is 2019. We must stand strong and show that LOVE IS STRONGER than hate.

I strongly condemn the actions this weekend.

The beliefs and actions produced by these protestors are Un-American. These actions have NO PLACE in Detroit, in Michigan and NO PLACE in the United States.

This is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. 50 years since the LGBT community rose up and said enough is enough. 50 years since we started to have Pride, with a riot. Since then we have won our right to exist. To love. We are now working to have the right to have a family. Sadly we can get married on Sunday and have a pink slip on Sunday. We can be denied housing and other services. Discrimination is legal.

I wholeheartedly support and endorse Jon Hoadley’s bill to expand Elliot Larsen and urge my State Legislators to take a stand and to protect their constituents. To condemn these beliefs and support these bills!

Happy Pride, Dance On, and May the Sacred Bless you!


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