Game of Thrones FINALE Watch Diary!


It’s all your fault, Tyrion, you ought to feel like shit.  He’s gonna find Jaime’s hand.

You’ll never be able to say Tyrion isn’t a brave man.  He is willing to go meet his fate alone, he doesn’t want anyone else to die for him.

Jon Snow backs down yet again from what he knows is right.  Someone please tell me why we told this dude he was royalty again?  Just more fuel to my “Bran better be evil” theories.

Oh hell yeah, this bitch is crazy.  There are no people left, Daenerys.  You killed them all.  You are not a liberator.  You are a murderer.  And you just made Arya’s list… guaranteed.  That look was death.

Of course she had Tyrion arrested, instead of just having his head removed right then and there.  Jon, of course, says nothing of note… actually saying nothing this time.  He’s certainly not inspiring in his leadership.

Well, at least Tyrion is still smarter than Jon, but that doesn’t take much.

Jon wasn’t going to try to justify it, and then tried to justify it.

We are 30 minutes in, and we’ve resolved absolutely nothing.

“Love is more powerful than reason.”  A great final quote from Tyrion Lannister.  Then Jon actually got to be smart with his “Love is the death of duty.”

Jon, you are a next-level idiot.  “That’s her decision.  She is the Queen.”  I can totally understand why Kit was so horrified by this season’s scripts, now.


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