Thrones S8E5 – “The Bells” – Don’t Tell Me You Didn’t See This Coming! *HEAVY SPOILERS*


Please don’t tell me this wasn’t foreshadowed.  Don’t tell me you never possibly saw this in Daenerys Targaryen.


Has life been GOOD for the Seven Kingdoms since the Targaryen family came to Westeros in 0AC? (Please remember, the years are measured by Daenerys’s ancestor’s CONQUEST.)

No… it sure hasn’t.

Emilia Clarke deserves every award you can throw her.  Just give her all the Emmy’s.

This has been a possibility in the character from the start.  How does she begin her ascent to power, what makes her think her destiny is real?  A blood sacrifice.

Of a slave and rape victim. (Mirri Maz Duur.)

Now, you can argue that it’s “justified” for her to have burned Mirri.  You can also see Mirri’s side.  Mirri betrayed Daenerys and justified herself saying that now there will be no “stallion who mounts the world” burning cities and trampling nations to the ground.

What did Daenerys just do?  Burned a city and trampled a nation to the ground.

Remember, Dany didn’t think this was her destiny in Season One.  She thought it was RHAEGO’S.  He was going to be that Stallion, burning and sacking cities.  And then, it was her destiny, right?

Well, no… actually, it was supposed to be that Bastard of Winterfell guy’s destiny — you’ve seen her take it away from HIM all season, along with everything he holds dear.  Poor Kit looks so horrified in those scenes… they sure don’t give him many lines anymore, but if they have Emmy’s for “Horrified That Bitch is Crazy” Looks, we can put him down now.

Now, if Jon Snow were a woman, with the rightful claim to the throne, and Daenerys was a man, with the lesser claim, telling Jon Snow to pipe down and lie to everyone about HIS destiny — well, I know quite a few young ladies that would have a real problem with that.

THAT is the kind of thing George is trying to tell you in the literature.  That men are no better than women.  No one’s justified going and killing people and burning them alive.  He’s also telling us that using weapons of mass destruction is BAD, and they tried to give you the human impact of them last night with Arya, they say as much in the Behind the Scenes.  Arya wasn’t useless, she was supposed to give you a birds-eye view of what happened to the innocents last night.  War sucks.

Please remember — George R.R. Martin was a “conscientious objector” and this has always been a war story.  He was draft-eligible during Vietnam, and applied for and recieved conscientious objector status.  He writes about real things.

I’m quite sure we will see the Iron Throne melted at the end of the series, and honestly I’ll be pissed if it’s not — and the only way I won’t is if it is King Bran… and he’s “Evil” (we could talk about that all day) Bran, and he represents all of the power of the Children of the Forest.

But, that’s for another article… 😀


Other notes:

I loved CleganeBowl.  The Hound and Arya are the best story that the show ever told, really, and him being her protector one last time hit you right in the feels.  He was right.  If Arya went any farther on her quest for vengeance, she was dead.  It didn’t matter if she killed Cersei and got out — she would still be dead inside after that.  (Or crushed under the rocks, you can take it as literal as you like.)

The fight itself was solid enough, even if the Mountain looked like some creepy Darth Vader/Frankenstein mashup.  It certainly isn’t solving any theories about whose head he has, if anyone’s, in the books…

Jaime and Cersei met their end in the same way as House Reyne did.  Trapped under a building.  It’s poetic that the song they used to torment people the entire series “The Rains of Castamere” happens to be about the House that Tywin ended by trapping the last of them under their House.

They did make mistakes in post because Jaime actually had his right hand on MULTIPLE occasions last night, including putting his hands on Cersei’s throat right before they died.  I’ll post the Valonqar payoff, Jaime always did choke the life right out of Cersei…and then their editing flub:

So, I’m actually absolutely fine with Jaime and Cersei’s ending.  Poetic for them to go out like Tywin’s enemies had, and they paid off some lore.

You literally see a pale horse with Arya.  The person that rides on the pale horse is Death, and Hell comes with them.  (I think Arya is going to kill Dany with Jon’s face.)

I’m happy that my boy Varys went out like a boss, but I am still pissed off.  For one, I want to know why he took off his rings before leaving, and I *want to know the name of the one who spoke in the flames, goddammit.*

No Tormund, Ghost, Sansa, Brienne, Gendry, and Davos really didn’t play much of a role.  I’m a bit shocked, actually, considering how burning people alive has been a major part of Davos’s journey…  I’m still assuming Jon ends in the North, and hoping we see Tormund and Ghost again, but it certainly wasn’t here.


D&D need to be arrested for the complete character slaughter of one of the most awesome characters in the books… Euron Greyjoy.


“I’m the man who killed Jaime Lannister.”  The worst part is that I think Pilou Asbaek did as well as he possibly could with the absolute nonsense bullshit they gave him to work with.  They’ve been destroying his character from the start, and it’s awful that this amazing character is one of the joke arcs of the series.

The first time he and Jaime meet, as you’ll recall, he tells him that he thought he was absolutely glorious as he murdered his family members at the Siege of Pyke.  We know this isn’t nonsense, GoT Euron tells us how much he likes murdering his own family, and encourages Cersei to try it.

Where is Yara Greyjoy?  We realize at this point that this arc from D&D went: Euron takes Iron Islands, Yara leaves with his ships, Euron blinks 1,000 ships out of thin air in the Iron Islands, Yara gets caught and captured, Euron offers her a drink and goes to fuck the Queen, Theon rescues her in the most unlikely rescue ever, she punches him, tells him “It’s OK to go die for another family, GO” fucks off to the Iron Islands, and we never see her again.

After Yara’s rescue by Theon, you never hear Euron mention her ever again.  He’s not concerned?  At all?  His kingdom has been seized, and he’s just like “bah, fuck it, I’m nailing the Queen and my primary goal in life is to kill her brother-husband now!”

Are we supposed to believe that Euron cares enough about Cersei or the baby that Jaime becomes his ultimate rival?

Then… you LET EURON KILL JAIME — because I’m sorry, but with what they show, JAIME IS FUCKING DEAD.  Instead, we get that (actually awesome with how stupid they played the arc) shot of Euron 4th walling the camera, and Jaime, who has been stabbed twice, once in each side, regrows his hand and walks to die with his sister.  That was so #Thronesy, let me tell ya.

I think that is what bothered me most.  I always knew Dany would flip.  You don’t put two main Targaryens in a story and then say “Well, every time there is a Targaryen born, the Gods flip a coin, and it is either greatness or madness” for nothing.  That doesn’t bother me.

It’s the execution… they waited an extra year and still rushed the hell out of this?  Everyone thought Emilia and Kit’s reactions were false, or fake-outs… they weren’t.   I always felt the story was going this type of way, but D&D did it a real disservice jumping fucking ship like this.

Enjoy the Captain Phasma tale brought to you by D&D, it’s going to be really cool! 😀


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