Hello, denizens of the internet, especially those around Westland, Michigan!

It is Jason S. Jackson here, and I wanted to just give everyone a quick update on our status, and what we’re doing as far as internet projects in the near future.

Why should anyone care about any of this?  For those that don’t know us, my beautiful wife Krystal and I created, and used to own, a local news publication covering the city of Westland, MI.  Westland is a city of nearly 85,000 residents, and my wife and I established both a website and accompanying Facebook Page in October of 2017, with the help of some friendly investors.

I also was launching my second campaign for office in Westland, filing to run for the Westland City Council.  I will be filing the withdrawal paperwork, and will no longer take any active part in Westland’s politics.   We are tired of fake people, and we’re beyond tired of trying to make people realize they’re getting fucked.  We’re tired of stupid internet drama with elected officials, elected officials censoring citizens on governmental Pages, FOIA requests, and other such idiocy.  You’ve no idea the level They have stooped to on the Establishment side here in LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

My candidacy doesn’t matter… I mean, our City Council President is looked at by most citizens as the most unprofessional and classless man they’ve ever met, but he’s a Vice Chair of the Democrats here in the 13th District.  Safe to say our District Party is a clusterfuck… and what is he doing to get people elected exactly?

Our local Democratic Club is a stronghold for the Mayor and friends in the administration and the local “Democrats” — with a bigot installed as it’s puppet leader.   If I can’t even get the support of my own Party as one of the most active Democrats around, then I don’t know what to say.  I don’t do photo ops.  I get things done, and I get people to go out and vote.  One of your “Democratic” Councilmen voted for Trump, that’s all I know.  That’s a fact, Jack.

But not for me, but only because no one votes here.  In a good city election year, 4 of 5 of you don’t vote in Westland.  You get votes if your mailer gets to the senior absentees, just ask Joe Schaefer in 2017.  He lost an election because of an idiotic mailing company, not because he wasn’t the best candidate. (He was, and that election includes myself.)

I am not going to go into great detail as to why my wife and I no longer own or associate with that publication.  We sold the publication’s Facebook Page, and I am not going to be using the domain name or website that was previously associated with the publication.  I didn’t delete anything from the record, though, that’s for sure!

One of the terms of the sale was that I not publicly reveal the sale price, and honestly, I wouldn’t do that anyway.  We got a nice chunk of change, our recognition as the creators, and a public apology to my wife for the drama.  That’s winning like Charlie Sheen… Who cares if They got a Facebook Page?

People have asked if I will be continuing to write, and where they can find my writing — and that is the main purpose of this post.  I know there is a segment of the population that wants me to go after the new owners of that publication, and my only response to that is “Didn’t you get enough already?”

It was never about the publication — it was about a working relationship, and friendship and honor.  Then, it was about principle.  Then, They finally made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  They wanted a non-controversial site.  I write about controversies.

Anyway, I was never really worried about having a place to write… I already had one, I was just going to use it as a campaign website.  Instead, I’ve put ALL of my writing in archived mode, and I am starting completely fresh with my personal and local writings.  If you’re interested in my writing, you’ll be able to find it here!  I wrote about “Game of Thrones” last night (SPOILERS!) 😉

I’ve got the freedom to write about what I wish to write about, I always have.  I didn’t lose any of that when I sold a silly Facebook Page.  Krystal and I are doing just great, thank you very much.

I’ll be converting my old campaign Facebook Page over to a Public Figure page.  I might consider a run for a statewide or federal office at some point down the line, but my wife and I are done with this local political corruption.  We’re sick of everyone in our own hometown trying to stab us in the backs, especially people who say they are your “friends.”

For any business inquiries, please e-mail me at jason@jasonsjackson.com.  If you’d like to see my writing portfolio, please let me know.  Westland’s icky politics were messing up my feng shui, but I still have a great deal of writing I can pull up for you.

Establishing web presences is a great deal of what I do, you didn’t think I’d lose mine — did you?


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