Game of Thrones S8 E1 (Rewatch Diary)


Welcome everyone!  This is my first time writing any Game Of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire material, so I appreciate you checking it out!

This was just a running diary of my thoughts on a “research rewatch” — I’d already watched the show through once with my wife, and I posted nothing on social media, and took no notes during the show.  I decompressed, took a break, and watched the show while taking these notes.  I hope they are at least a good starting point for discussion for you!

I have come back through and cleaned up my initial writing to make it a bit more readable, but I left the original thoughts the same.  This is a new thing, so we’re learning as we go. 🙂


Varys’s first contribution to this episode was Tyrion making a dick joke. Tyrion’s contribution mainly made him look a eunuch as well.
Two things I dislike already on rewatch… I noticed it on the first viewing but I wasn’t posting… Jon and Dany are supposed to be in love, for one, but also they’ve already talked about a lone crossbowman taking her out in S7.  Why is she riding on the outside of the procession?  Ungentlemanly to not protect the fucking Queen, at very least?  They put Dany in the easiest position for a rogue crossbowman to kill her in that procession.  “The man who killed The Conqueror.”  
The smirk on her face when her dragons scare the Northerners says she is concerned about the wrong things…

The Three-Eyed Raven puts them on path, but do they listen?

“We don’t have time for any of this. The Night King has your Dragon. He’s one of them now. The Wall has fallen — the dead march south.”
 It doesn’t get any clearer than this, idiot humans…
Tyrion makes a massive misplay. You’re a Lannister, please shut up.  ESPECIALLY about Lannister forces coming North, you moron!!!  Jon was doing fine, and you made it worse, no matter how much credit you tried to give him, Tyrion.
People on the internet are going to crack Sansa for worrying about food, but that’s what generals do…  Daenerys may be Queen, and Jon was King, but the Lady of Winterfell has been in charge of this meeting. You can hate her, but points to Sansa (and Sophie.) Dany inflames the situation by potentially further scaring the Northerners saying the dragons will eat whatever they want.
Yes, it’s a bad-ass line, but they are both acting like entitled, highborn twats.
Gendry is working and being useful, unlike most people we’re looking at. He doesn’t “do much” but he’s a highlight of the episode as he’s actually doing something useful for the upcoming fight.

The Sansa and Tyrion scene… I figured she’d be kinder, but she’s right… Tyrion IS stupid to believe Cersei.  Sansa has been telling people to stop trusting and underestimating Cersei for seasons now.  No one listens.  Sansa says what we all have been, Tyrion’s had a rough go of it, and often ISN’T the most clever man in the room.

It reminds me of when Littlefinger is telling Sansa how he knows Cersei better than anyone there — and she reminds him that he doesn’t — and that the man who murdered her father, mother, and brother is dangerous, thank you for your wise counsel…

Arya and Jon. <3 <3 <3 Dialogue perfect.
“She’s (Sansa) the smartest person I’ve ever met.” -Arya

Sansa HAS looked to be the most intelligent so far. Feed the army, fuck Cersei. Where is she wrong?

Qyburn tells Cersei the Wall is down. She doesn’t care, and she doesn’t look pregnant.

Euron/Yara — big deal, Euron… you’re going to fuck the Queen. He’s played a sex-crazed madman well at least, but playing with Cersei leads to death…
Yeah, no elephants? Fuck you, HBO and D&D…
Cersei, you’re either mad or this is horrible writing. “You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her…” then screws him anyway… derpderpderp
Cersei (or at least Qyburn with a LOT of gold) just put a hit out on both Jaime and Tyrion. I’m leaning toward “she’s gone Mad Queen 1000%.”
At least she can explain the baby now, if Bronn kills Jaime (or actually whacks either Lannister… which just doesn’t feel likely.) At least not without a “Whatever they’re paying you, I’ll double it” scene.
Theon’s a badass and Yara’s easy to save…ok?

Yara’s going home to give Dany a place to retreat if they can’t hold the North, and Theon’s actually going to try to set foot in Winterfell… 
Davos is the best… he lays the groundwork for an actual solution, a marriage alliance. Varys DOES get an interesting comment in (one for the episode), by looking at a happy-looking Jon and Dany, and saying “Nothing lasts” which could also be a prelude to how things are going. Even though the Dead are coming, we are still playing the Great Game, and that could be bad either way.

Dany, stop worrying about respect and being Queen. It’s not important now. We find out the dragons aren’t eating… that’s way more important.  So is the dragon ride we’re about to see. 🙂  This should clue in EVERYONE that Jon is a Targaryen but Dany doesn’t bat an eye… I had predicted from the trailer showing Tyrion, Davos, and Varys looking up in awe at something was going to be them watching Jon fly the dragon.  This should have set off major alarm bells in Varys and Tyrion’s heads.  Only the blood of Valyria, the Targaryens, fly dragons.

Dany/Jon — she reminds me of Ygritte, wanting to stay by the waterfalls for a thousand years… but she also reminds me of a potential Night’s Queen/Night’s King with a Jon Snow.

Gendry is useful. He’s making dragonglass weapons. Arya and the Hound… I mean, yes, she did rob him and leave him to die. But they’re both still alive, so… it’s a great scene.  They have a grudging respect for each other, and were you expecting hugs and sloppy kisses?  That’s Sandor fucking Clegane!

Jon’s right, and they should lose because of it. “House Glover will stand behind House Stark, as we have for 1,000 years” — fuck King in the North, this is all so
dumb, they know the dead are coming to kill them and they are squabbling about titles.

No one told Dany that Sam’s surname was Tarly, eh?

Bran put Sam on the right path to Jon. He took the pain of his father and brother’s death and refocused it — TO the Song of Ice and Fire, Aegon Targaryen.

Jon believes Sam, that’s why he was sent there. It will be interesting. The Three-Eyed Raven has pieces in place. The true king DID just ride a dragon.

Fucking #NedUmberCropCircle… we could discuss that symbol for days… looked to me like a tree… and great to see Edd, Beric, and Tormund are still alive, for now…as indicated, the Army of the Dead is between them at Last Hearth, and Winterfell — they think they might make it if they double up on the horses.  I wish them good fortune in the wars to come…

The look on Bran’s face when he sees Jaime says revenge to me… on second look.  The preview definitely shows that Jaime will stand in front of Queen Dany, and an angry one… but I just can’t see them ending Jaime’s story with an execution there, and I don’t think we’ll see one.  I guess we’ll see in a week…


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