Open Letter to Arthur Warren, President of the Westland Democratic Club


This letter is to Arthur Warren, President of the Westland Democratic Club.

Mr. Warren, I’d love to know how anyone on the site Move Westland Forward, or any other private citizen, exhibits racism towards you, or anyone else for that matter?

You’ve actually thrown me, a legally-disabled person, out of a Westland Democratic Club meeting for making an audio recording on my smartphone. Should I accuse you of racism? I mean, you’re African-American, I’m Caucasian, and you were in a position of power over me in that meeting, as the President of the Westland Democratic Club.

Of course I wouldn’t accuse you of racism!  I’ll accuse you of bending to the will of Westland City Council President Jim Godbout, but not racism. I’ve been in the Democratic Party for 21 years, and I was a candidate for office, and you STILL treated me that way. Did you ask me to turn my recording off? No. You broke your own by-laws, but that’s OK. It wasn’t racism.

You’re just a politically-motivated asshole, Arthur. Not a racist.

Arthur Warren — politically motivated asshole!

Just like the people on Move Westland Forward, and myself as a private citizen, also have political motivations. The only difference is, we use things that can actually be PROVEN with our words.  You’re damned right we are campaigning against Westland Mayor William R. Wild, but we do it with things that are actually on the public record.  Stating your “opinion” in the way you did in the newspaper? That’s LIBEL, Sir. You might want to get comfortable with that definition, and also with some competent attorneys.

You have tried to connect the actions of Pam Martin, also a private citizen, not only to Move Westland Forward, but to Councilman Kevin Coleman, as well.  Move Westland Forward is run by TWO people, neither of which is named Pam Martin — and Kevin Coleman isn’t liable for the actions of people that happen to support him.  It’s quite funny that you didn’t make this connection to her own BROTHER, who was a candidate in the Westland City Council Primary, but you’ll try to connect her to Mr. Coleman?  How absurd.

I personally have been a civil rights activist for my entire adult life, and I find your false allegations not only atrocious, but harmful to the entire Civil Rights Movement. I believe I was the only candidate officially endorsed by Move Westland Forward in the primary election, and to be indirectly linked to racism allegations is as appalling as it is preposterous. The Grahams are GOOD PEOPLE who want the best for WESTLAND, and not what is best for their personal enrichment.

It is even more rich to see you speak about “hate” without substantiation, considering you are one of the main people coming out in support and endorsement for Michael Londeau, who has anti-gay Tweets as part of the public record, and never even addressed or apologized for them. Did you revoke your endorsement of this “Democrat?” Of course not, you’ve doubled down on it. Believe me, it is equally appalling that the 13th Congressional District Democratic Party backs your Club in endorsement of that candidate, and Bill Wild as well, considering you BOTH endorse a “Democrat” that has such hateful language on the public record.  (Mr. Londeau has tweeted out “How’s my dick taste, fag?” along with other such beauties, before deleting his Twitter — without acknowledging or apologizing for his hateful words, for those who may be unaware.)

I’m about sick of seeing the Grahams accused of being “extreme” and now you’ve gone and called them a HATE GROUP, and at a televised City Council meeting, no less? For posting facts and actually being willing to speak on politics? That’s extreme? Who exactly are they “hating”, except for the campaigns of Bill Wild and his merry band of endorsees?

The entire city let you know exactly what they thought of that little newspaper article, and odds are, it probably lost your candidate and friend, Bill Wild, the election. This is America, and a suburb of Detroit — we don’t take kindly to people “crying Wolf” over racism.

You should resign as President of the Westland Democratic Club today.  You do NOT represent Democrats in Westland.


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