Progress at the Westland Library and Impact on the City Council Race!


The citizens of Westland have learned today that Mayor William Wild has had certified letters sent to all five terminated librarians offering their employment back, along with an apology on behalf of the City of Westland for how they have been treated.

TRUE PROGRESS WAS MADE. It was made because of the actions of our community, choosing to STAND AGAINST INJUSTICE. So many deserve thanks, starting with the librarians themselves — but people like Kristy Cooper who has spent SO MUCH TIME organizing protests and providing information to get the movement going.

(EDIT: For those that don’t know, Library Board President Mark Neal and Vice-President Antoinette Martin both also resigned, leaving us with no Library Board.)

Fellow City Council candidates Joe Schaefer, and Tasha Green were also instrumental in helping to provide pressure at every possible opportunity. There are so many who need to be recognized for what we’ve been able to accomplish, but it all starts with US, the WESTLAND CITIZENS. We bonded together against injustice and we provoked true change.

So much to say, but always remember, YOUR VOICE MATTERS. If you see something is wrong, don’t just “let it go” or assume someone else is going to help you. You must be the change you wish to see in your city and your world.

You won’t hear it from me often, but thank you as well to Mayor William R. Wild for finally acting decisively to end this embarrassment for the City of Westland.

Impact on the Westland City Council Race

The City Council candidates that ARE PRO-LIBRARY AND LIBRARIANS are:

Jason S. Jackson
Councilman Peter Herzberg
Joseph “Joe” Schaefer
Steve Boron
Tasha Green
Jody White
Jesse Davey

Not one of the other City Council candidates spoke out or attended a library board meeting at any time. Importantly, longtime incumbent Councilman Michael Kehrer never ONCE spoke out against the library board or for the librarians being put back to work. He is running for re-election, and he was clearly on the wrong side of this issue, and he remains there today.  He has just accepted the endorsement of the Westland Democratic Club, so make sure to ask why he’s on the anti-Union side here.

Mr. Kehrer and City Council President James Godbout were the only two Council members to never, at any point, speak in support of either the librarians, or the library director being removed.

Councilman Kevin Coleman, Councilman Peter Herzberg, Councilman Bill Johnson, Councilman Adam Hammons and Council President Pro Tem Christine Cicirelli Bryant all spoke out either in favor of the librarians or the removal of the library director.

There are 16 candidates in this race, and only 7 of them, including myself, can claim taking a stand on this issue. I hope you, the citizens, ask those other candidates why?! Ask yourself why none of the candidates that have been endorsed by Mayor William Wild were on the right side of this issue?

Thank you to all our elected officials who did take a stance on this issue, and to the other candidates who lent their time or a voice to this extremely important issue affecting both our great library and the taxpayers of our city.


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