Why My Campaign Is Endorsing Kevin Coleman for Mayor of Westland!


You know the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world?” That’s what Kevin Coleman has shown me since he has become an elected official. He’s present, engaged, and dedicated to changing Westland for the better.

BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the City. Register to vote. If you’re not registered, someone with my campaign or Kevin’s Mayoral Campaign will help you. Our last City Elections had only ~7% primary turnout, and only 12% voted in our General Election. You can only make these changes if you are registered to vote and living in the City of Westland. The primary is on TUESDAY AUGUST 8TH, SO IF YOU NEED HELP, ASK! We are proud to help you become a registered voter.

Everyone knows the policy record. I’m comfortable running on the platform I’m running on, and it aligns right along with Kevin Coleman’s. Citizens are fed up with crime and want more good police. They want drugs and crime out of their communities, and there is a lot of people out here who have suffered with addiction and dependency that WANT help. They want better roads and schools. They want a good job, and their family to be safe, and their kid to get an education — without getting ripped off on taxes. They want to have their business here and be prosperous. They want the senior members of their family to be able to access high quality care nearby, or support services. They want to stop being embarrassed every time their City is on the news and their friends ask them “Wow, is it really that bad in Westland?”

Our police do a very tough job, and they’ve done it very well for the resources they’ve been given. However, you can’t expect to have 26% less police on the street and do better on crime. That just isn’t being realistic.

I’m sick of all my friends telling me they have to move out of this City. We grew up here, and we used to really love it here. We used to go to the Westland Festival and to the Fireworks. A lot of us went to John Glenn and Wayne Memorial, and we’re not stupid people… and we still have many great educators living and working here. We used to play volleyball behind the Bailey Center, and work out and play basketball inside. We used to go to the Little Caesars Family Fun House. We used to go to K-Mart. We used to go to Macy’s. We used to take better care of our ballfields where our kids play. We used to be able to get a Special Trash pickup with a phone call and a heads-up… we used to be able to get a job.

I’d contemplated entering politics for some time, but it took my friends and family saying, “You know, there really is a lot of good you can do — why don’t you just run for office?”

Well, I did. Just like Kevin Coleman did, and is doing now. We’re trying to be the change we wish to see in our City. I hope you’ll join us. The way you build community is to get like-minded people together and activating them. We all care about the City. Now let’s unite and get to putting it back to the Westland we all loved. You only get a better community if you invest in it.

Is it a balance? Absolutely. But that balance has been upset.

My name is Jason S. Jackson, and I’m running for Westland City Council. My campaign fully endorses the candidacy of Kevin Coleman, and I hope he’ll be the next Mayor of Westland. If you’d like to volunteer or donate for people that have progressive and positive ideas for Westland, please contact the campaigns! We’d love to hear your concerns and share our views, and we absolutely need every bit of grassroots support we can get to make these wholesale changes in our City Government. THANK YOU, WESTLAND!


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