Want a Sign of “Good Faith” Mr. Trump? Nominate Merrick Garland!


Welcome back, friends.

People seem to be stabilizing now after an extremely long and difficult week for our country.  More and more are now starting to look forward to what a Donald J. Trump Presidency may look like, and political maneuvers we may see in the near future.

One of the main things I’m seeing on social media are possible things President Trump could do to show a “good faith” approach to working with the American people, and to promote healing throughout the country.

I feel there is no better way for the President-Elect to begin the healing process than by putting Merrick Garland’s name immediately forward for nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Sure, it sounds crazy, but this move offers Mr. Trump many benefits that would help both his ability to govern and his relationship with what is currently an extremely hostile Left.

First, this would allow President Trump a way to immediately show that he respects and understands the Constitution.  It is not a feasible scenario for the Supreme Court to not be able to replenish its numbers during times of divided government.  The Republicans will eventually have a situation similar to President Obama’s this term, and they will want their Justices confirmed.  This move would send a strong rebuke to Congress, coming from a GOP President, and would allow Trump to establish that he intends to govern both firmly and fairly from the start.

Second, this would give Mr. Trump some sorely-needed political capital with the Left.  Getting President Obama’s nominee confirmed would show the Democratic Party that he is willing to work with them on issues, and would give everyone in the government a starting point for future negotiations on future issues.  Judging by President Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, he’ll want some goodwill as he tries to get his ball rolling during his honeymoon period.

Donald Trump, unlike Mike Pence, has shown at least some ability to be at least somewhat open on social issues.  Trump has said that he WILL be a President supportive of the LGBT community, for example, and making a more liberal judge his first Justice would help some very scared folks to breathe a bit easier.

Finally, nominating Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court would show federal agencies and employees outside of the Legislative Branch that he intends to be a fair man who will not allow good public servants to be held out for ridicule.  Mr. Garland’s reputation has suffered needlessly, and for no reason other than being President Barack Obama’s choice.  He has the most federal judicial experience of any nominee to have ever been nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States, and President Trump has always been a “best person for the job” type of guy, at least if his television shows were any indication!

Most importantly, putting Merrick Garland’s name forward is the RIGHT thing to do.  If President Trump is looking for a show of good faith that he intends to be a good and just leader, I can’t think of a better way.  Let us hope that the President-Elect will consider this, and we can begin to heal and move forward as a country.


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