THIS. IS. WHY. WE. LOST. Listen up, Bill Maher!


No, Bill Maher, it wasn’t because of Islam or political correctness.

No, Donna Brazile, there’s nothing YOU can do to help us.

The Democrats lost the 2016 Presidential Election for one simple reason.  The primary was never a democratic process.  There were *SEVEN* states where Bernie won primary contests and broke even or lost to Hillary.  In my home state of Michigan, Bernie won the primary and then lost the roll-call vote (you know, the one that matters) 81-66!

That’s right, he WON the primary but actually lost.  Does any of this sound “democratic” Debbie and Donna?

How about Wisconsin?  Bernie won the primary by 13.5 points and netted 4 delegates.

You could have never had a ridiculous leak that showed us all of the party financials and all of your idiotic communications.   You could have stepped foot in Wisconsin at least once.  You could have had anyone in Detroit go, “Wow, there’s a lot of people that can’t stand Hillary here, and a shitload of Trump signs.”

When CNN’s coverage said “The election is likely to come down to Wayne County, Michigan” we were dead in the water.  By the time Hillary came to speak to those voters they had disenfranchised in Michigan, it was already too late and the Motor City was a gigantic Trump sign.

You ran a criminal for the highest office in the land, and then disenfranchised people in *SEVEN* states to elect her, DNC.  FIVE of those states went to Donald Trump.  I was getting communications from Bernie Sanders daily — Hillary Clinton never tried to talk to me once.

I swore I’d never vote for that criminal and I came back to the nest to try to save us all from a maniacal dictator.  Don’t try to blame this on anything more than what it is — the wholesale corruption and failure of the Democratic National Committee, who should all resign today.

Bernie Sanders preached revolution.  Well, the left needs to revolt and give it to them.  We aren’t going to take this anymore.

Bill Maher, I look forward to debating these issues on your panel.  I used to highly value your contribution to the dialogue but your analysis of the election shows you to be as tone-deaf as the Democratic National Committee.


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