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I’m already starting to see it trend that #OurRevolution is petitioning to get Rep. Keith Ellison installed as the chair of the DNC. I am shaking my head in disgust at both Democrats and people claiming to be “for revolution” as they would install a leader that just endorsed the process which essentially cost us our entire political lives.

Now, this isn’t a shot at Keith Ellison’s ability or his character. I’m sure he’s a nice guy.

The fact remains that he and people like Elizabeth Warren and other “leaders” on the left all endorsed this process. They all know superdelegates are intended to squash grassroots efforts, and they all just fully endorsed your disenfranchisement.

I don’t know, maybe I’m madder than you are. Michigan goes red? I live in Michigan. Bernie won the primary vote in our state, and when *real* votes went in at the convention, Bernie lost to Hillary by a score of 81 to 66. The DNC disenfranchised me and then expected my vote.

Keith Ellison endorsed that process and Hillary Clinton. No one that endorsed that process should be anywhere near the controls of our party. We’re already starting to talk about “taking our country back” but we’re going to use the exact same people that fucked our party up so beautifully?

We have the communications of the DNC, and we’ve got the books. We also have NEITHER body of Congress, we lost the Executive Branch, and we’re about to lose the Judicial Branch as well. Which means we’ve also got a FRESH START. We need NEW thought leaders capable of adapting to the new political order, not the same people that just put our party in such an embarrassing and compromised position.

I will NEVER sign any petition to nominate someone to run my party who has seen corruption and raised its hand in support. Ever. You can tell me “Well, that’s just how politics go” and I’ll tell you apparently not anymore. Every rule in the game has now changed and the scenario is one that none of us have ever seen, a FULLY conservative leadership.

If liberal progressives want to actually start talking about real change, I’m all ears, but this is the same old bullshit I’ve come to expect from the Democratic Party and I AM NOT BUYING IT. You are not keeping my support while you send me politicians that endorsed or supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in any way.

And that means Bernie, too. Bernie could have made a real stand for the American people and contested the convention and he did not do so. Everyone is going to act as if our convention did not exist and act as if everyone hearing “Hillary is a criminal!” didn’t happen. People are forgetting people like Nina Turner, who was stripped of her right to even address the convention.

We are about to fight the 1960’s and 1970’s all over again, I sure hope you people are prepared and listening to someone with any self-respect or guts. Because this crap is neither one.


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