Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Rust Belt


Welcome back, friends.

You’re hearing a lot of talk from political “experts” in the media wondering how President-Elect Donald J. Trump was able to take a Rust Belt strategy to the Presidency.  The key to President Trump’s strategy lied in capitalizing on voters disenfranchised by the Democrats themselves, and actually was a move of sheer brilliance.

Late into last night, you were hearing shock that Michigan and Wisconsin were both in play for Trump.  The keys to Michigan and Wisconsin were laid at the Democratic National Convention, as Democratic voters from both states felt disenfranchised by what they felt was a corrupt process in selection.

Bernie Sanders won both Michigan and Wisconsin, and he won Wisconsin by a significant margin.  However, due to superdelegate support that refused to flip from Clinton, Sanders actually LOST Michigan by delegate count by *15* votes, and only netted 4 delegates for his victory in Wisconsin.

Social media during this time was exceedingly volatile.  I wrote a piece on July 27, 2016 slamming liberals for being proud of our convention as we so willingly embraced known corruption.  We had the communications, we had the financials, and voters in seven different states saw themselves come out to vote for their candidate and be told “Well, we know you voted for him, but you lost your state.”

Here’s the math from those seven states where Bernie won primary contests and lost when it mattered, as I wrote on July 27:

Indiana: Bernie won the vote, 52.5%-47.5% – won by ~32,000 votes. Roll-Call Delegates: HRC 48 – 43 BS.

Michigan: Bernie won the vote, 49.8%-48.3% – won by ~19,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 81 – 66 BS.

Montana: Bernie won the vote, 51.1%-44.6% – won by ~8,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 14 – 12 BS.

New Hampshire: Bernie won the vote, 60.4%-38.0% – won by ~55,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 16 – 16 BS.

Rhode Island: Bernie won the vote, 55.0%-43.3% – won by ~14,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 19 – 13 BS.

West Virginia: Bernie won the vote, 51.4%-35.8% – won by ~35,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 19 – 18 BS.

Wyoming: Bernie won the vote, 55.7%-44.3% – won by 34 votes (only 280 recorded?) Roll Call Delegates: HRC 11 – 7 BS.

Michigan, Montana, Indiana, West Virginia, Wyoming. Five out of seven states where Bernie won primary contests and Hillary failed to get out the vote and sacrificed significant ground to our eventual President-Elect. Bernie also won Wisconsin, but again, only netted 4 delegates — even with a 13.5 point victory!

If the Democrats are trying to tell you that they didn’t hear the millions of people speaking about the corrupt process that went into the Democratic nomination, then they really were too dense to win this campaign. #DropOutHillary, #NeverHillary, and #DemExit were real things. Everyone on social media saw these things.

Don’t let the Democrats tell you they didn’t see it. Most of the reason why Donald J. Trump won the Rust Belt, and the election, are all right here. When you tell someone that you don’t respect their vote, don’t be surprised when they vote elsewhere. A lot of us still voted for Hillary, but can you really expect someone who has been disenfranchised to tell you that they will support you after you’ve already disenfranchised them?

This wasn’t about the third-party vote, it was about a significant portion of the populace that clearly said they would not support Hillary after the DNC. I warned you then, and it came true.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Bernie.


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