Stop Being PROUD of this DNC, “Liberals!”


This post was originally written as a response to a comment on a story from ReverbPress titled “10 Tweets About the DNC That Will Make You Proud To Be Liberal” and shared on the Facebook page “Too Informed to Vote Republican.”  My comment:

“Well, looks like I can delete this page. You idiots don’t have the slightest clue what it means to be liberal, that’s apparent.”  I then had commenter Kim Degenstein say  “Jason I suppose you back Putin’s puppet Trump.”

I continued to respond:

“Of course not.  But if you’re “proud” of a convention that we now know is built on corruption, unfairness, bias, and likely criminality, then you shouldn’t be calling yourself liberal.”

NOTHING about this DNC has made it POSSIBLE to be PROUD to be a liberal.

Ask yourself if you’re “proud” of a process that had Sanders actually LOSE the delegate count in roll call vote in *7* States he WON.

Indiana: Bernie won the vote, 52.5%-47.5% – won by ~32,000 votes. Roll-Call Delegates: HRC 48 – 43 BS.

Michigan: Bernie won the vote, 49.8%-48.3% – won by ~19,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 81 – 66 BS.

Montana: Bernie won the vote, 51.1%-44.6% – won by ~8,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 14 – 12 BS.

New Hampshire: Bernie won the vote, 60.4%-38.0% – won by ~55,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 16 – 16 BS.

Rhode Island: Bernie won the vote, 55.0%-43.3% – won by ~14,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 19 – 13 BS.

West Virginia: Bernie won the vote, 51.4%-35.8% – won by ~35,000 votes. Roll Call Delegates: HRC 19 – 18 BS.

Wyoming: Bernie won the vote, 55.7%-44.3% – won by 34 votes (only 280 recorded?) Roll Call Delegates: HRC 11 – 7 BS.

There were a total of 713 named superdelegates, with 55 known abstentions. Most of those superdelegates were being counted by the media as official THE ENTIRE ELECTION, completely swinging it.

If the superdelegates had wanted to actually not nominate a criminal, there was EASILY enough room for Sanders to have been nominated if not for the corrupt system of the DNC. With all of the proof of corruption over the last few days, hopefully you can at least acknowledge that there is nothing democratic about what I have posted to you here.

When you look at every instance of bias, unfairness, corruption, and likely criminal actions, there’s absolutely nothing to be proud of as liberals.  Instead, people who are supposed to be liberal thought leaders are buying into the spin that this is all a Russian plot to destroy America.  Three days later, and are we discussing the corruption of the Democratic National Committee?  No, “Russia” is trending on Twitter, and it is like the Democrats expect you to take Debbie Wasserman-Schultz falling on her sword, and an apology to make you forget the entire thing.

Proud of that?  Never.

Election figures provided by the AP, CNN, and


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