It’s Not a Russian Problem…It’s a Corruption Problem.


Ever since the release of the Democratic National Committee e-mails by Wikileaks, you’ve been hearing some pretty basic spin control, and I hope you folks aren’t being fooled by it.

Did you ever hear a denial of any of the emails being absolutely authentic?  No.

Did you ever hear a denial by any of the powers-that-be in the DNC that they had partaken in these activities?  No.

Within hours of the release of the leaks by Wikileaks, there were already counter-stories being planted that these DNC leaks were hacks done by Russian sources.  And you know what?  It could have absolutely been Russian hackers that did the job and provided the intelligence to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

However, instead of talking more about the repugnant and corrupt actions of the Democratic National Committee, the media machine were able to spin a lot of the narrative to “Well, we could be being attacked by Russia, and Trump and Putin are friends, so…”

Why are you folks buying this?  Espionage at the international level occurs daily.  Do you see your elections being stolen on a daily basis?  We just saw the Chair of the DNC fall on her sword and immediately be swallowed into the corrupt Clinton apparatus, and alarm bells aren’t ringing with you #ImWithHer folks?  The amazing part is the surface hasn’t even been scratched on this information yet, as there is financial data in the leaks.  There are literally hundreds of attachments such as spreadsheets with data that is currently being mined, and Julian Assange has already stated that there is more information yet to come, and more serious information than what has already been released.

This is just more spin from a corrupt person in Hillary Rodham Clinton, and she and her team have been doing this for decades now.  Usually, you’ve always heard that every controversy against Hillary Clinton was a right-wing fabrication, now that it is a more serious infraction, it’s the Russians coming to mess with her!

I really hope that my fellow American citizens, especially my fellow liberals, wake up and smell the reality of what they have just wrought.  Instead, I think it is far more likely that they will blame us when she loses to Donald Trump — instead of realizing just how amazingly flawed of a candidate they saddled the party with.

I will be doing exhaustive research into the DNC Leaks and any further information leaked by Julian Assange and Wikileaks and I’ll be beginning to make presentations here in the very near future.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope that you will stay cognizant and alert to all that is going on around this election.  Keep supporting progressive values, and don’t allow yourself to be subverted by the mainstream media.


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