The False Narratives of the #ImWithHer Crew!


The supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders have literally heard it all over the last few weeks.

The political climate on the left has been growing particularly nasty since Senator Sanders has made it clear that he intends to fight for every vote and into the 2016 Democratic National Convention against Secretary Clinton. Both sides are passionate, but the ability to hold a civil conversation is one of the main issues standing in the way of positive dialogue on the left, and a lot of it is because of the use of false narratives. We’ll look to debunk some of those false narratives in this article!

False Narrative #1: “You don’t support her because she’s a woman!”

Out of all the narratives I’ve heard lately, this is one of the most insulting.  It’s more insulting because Hillary herself has added fuel to this fire with her own quote in an April interview with Politico.

“But the campaigning part is hard for me. … Some of this may be personal to me [and] from all the literature I’ve read, [it] may be gender-linked …

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I do not know a single progressive who would refuse to vote for Secretary Clinton based on the fact that she is a woman.  What is even more preposterous about it is the fact that most of the people that strongly oppose her look at Senator Elizabeth Warren as a savior in the flesh!   I’m quite sure Senator Warren identifies as a female, and I’m even more sure that someone’s gender identity will never make an impact on who I feel is the best person for the job.  Sure, there may be a scattered few that would make a voting decision on some ridiculous terms — but there are surely some Clinton supporters who won’t vote for Bernie because he’s Jewish, and you certainly don’t see this narrative coming out of the Sanders support.

Those that would spread this false narrative also point towards the avalanche of negativity toward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz as another sign of the “Misogynist Bernie Bot” when in actuality the progressives that speak against the DNC Chair do so because they feel she’s a corrupt and horrible politician, NOT because of her gender.

False Narrative #2: “All of your criticisms of Secretary Clinton are based on right-wing lies!”

I’ve been a politically aware and active person for almost my entire life.  Even before I was of age to vote I was aware of what was going on in my country and with our leaders.  It was most likely because of my father’s illness and death — and the politically charged issues that surrounded it, such as issues with the VA and trying to acquire both information about Agent Orange poisoning and support dealing with it.

I’ve been paying attention to our country’s politics for over 25 years now, and I’ve been a registered Democrat since the first day I was eligible to register.  I took extra government classes in high school, and I majored in political science in college.

Do you REALLY think I don’t know  Secretary Clinton’s record and do you really think I’ve never listened to her speak?

Do you think I haven’t seen Secretary Clinton get a “Full Flop” from Politifact in regards to her position on the TPP?  It’s public record.

“This TPP sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade, the kind of environment that has the rule of law and a level playing field,” Clinton said then. “And when negotiated, this agreement will cover 40 percent of the world’s total trade and build in strong protections for workers and the environment.”

Do you really think we’re uninformed on Secretary Clinton’s stance as a true hawk? She’s done nothing but establish hard-power credentials her entire political career. Let’s not forget, early in the campaign, she has already pledged to arm Israel even further, and to increase the American military presence around Iran if she is elected President.

“I wouldn’t support his agreement for one second if I thought it put Israel in greater danger,” she said. “I know well that the same forces that threaten Israel, threaten the United States. To the people of Israel, you will never have to question whether we are with you. The United States will always be with you.” Hillary Clinton, speaking on the Iran nuclear deal and its impact on Israel.

Most Americans, especially those in war-torn families from other unnecessary conflicts, are tired of war…they’re also tired of feeling like the interests of Israel and the security of Israeli citizens is placed over their own. Clinton is very clear that she intends to increase our presence in the Middle East, and it isn’t some “right-wing lie” — she is firmly on the record as presenting herself as stronger and more ready to use military force than President Barack Obama ever was.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, these are just the conflicts in which Hillary Clinton has played some part in recent history!  There is much on the record of her being an incorrigible warmonger all the way back to her husband’s Presidency.

False Narrative #3: “The current FBI investigation is meaningless!”

I’m old enough to remember a time when being under federal investigation would not only be a black mark on a Presidential campaign, it would pretty much preclude the person being investigated from running at all.  Secretary Clinton doesn’t think it should weigh on your mind at all, with former President Bill Clinton even remarking last week that it was “a game.”

I have no problem speaking for the majority of Americans when I tell you that the handling and protection of our most valuable secrets is no game.  For at least the first three months of her tenure, not only was her server unsecured, she was not even using encrypted email!  Even an amateur hacker could have easily gained access to some of our most valuable secrets — this is NOT A GAME.

There isn’t a security expert alive that doesn’t recommend encryption and authentication protocols… FOR EVERYONE, much less the head of the U.S. State Department!  During this three-month time frame where some of our secrets could have literally been floating in the breeze, the Secretary visited ELEVEN foreign locales!  Do you possibly think that the Secretary of State of the United States of America MIGHT draw some attention from people looking to gain an edge on the Americans?

Just for a moment, I’ll stipulate that she isn’t indicted for mishandling our secrets — that decision hasn’t been handed down yet!  As of right now, she should not be cheapening the work of our nation’s premier law enforcement agency by having her husband claiming their work to be a game.  Another important point to note is that James B. Comey, Director of the FBI, is not a Democrat and has no interest in the salvation of the Democratic Party.  He’s there to enforce the law.

If you want to choose to believe that Secretary Clinton has done nothing wrong in this regard, then that is your right — but please don’t claim that this is meaningless and not something that we should be discussing while we try to pick a President.

False Narrative #4: “Bernie Sanders won’t be able to get any of his ideas through Congress!”

I must admit, this false narrative isn’t pushed by only Clinton supporters, but also very hard by the right.  This one is baffling, as absolutely no one knows what the makeup of our Congress will be in 2017!

Out of 535 voting members of Congress, 469 seats are up for election!  That means that 88% of the Congress could be changing in this November 2016 election!  Thirty-four Senate seats and ALL 435 seats in the House of Representatives are in play, so anyone who tells you how ANY candidate will fare with the Congress must have a very nice crystal ball!

If there’s anything we DO know about the incoming Congress, it is that the left needs HUGE turnouts all over the country to ensure that our country doesn’t stay stagnant with the horribly destructive obstruction that has been perpetrated by the right for the majority of President Obama’s tenure.  The Congressional races are quite possibly more important than who we elect as our next Commander-In-Chief.

False Narrative #5: “Hillary is inevitable, Bernie should just give up!”

This is simply not true, as she still has a near impossible task to clinch enough delegates before the convention.  Even though the media has been instructed by the DNC themselves NOT to count super-delegates in the totals, the media continues to incorrectly  list super-delegates in their coverage.  The only delegates that should be considered at this time are the actual pledged delegate numbers which are awarded from the primaries.  Super-delegates do NOT vote until the convention in late July, and even if they’ve pledged support for one of the candidate at this point in time, they can and do flip.

The current pledged delegate totals are 1,705 for Secretary Clinton and 1,415 for Senator Sanders.  To clinch the nomination one needs 2,382 delegates, and for even a simple majority a candidate needs 2,026.  As you can see, while Clinton has a solid lead, she is extremely far from clinching the nomination and still over 300 delegates away from even a simple majority.

THIS is why Sanders is still fighting for every vote and for every delegate, and why any insinuations that he should retire from the race are definitely premature and unfounded.  Secretary Clinton herself has been in the same type of scenario as Senator Sanders is in right now, in 2008, and she was very vocal that she couldn’t understand why so many people thought she should drop out of the race.  She even ridiculously said that “Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June” as reasoning to stay in the race against President Barack Obama.  She also scoffed at party unity in the same interview, so the narrative that is being spread by the #ImWithHer crew that this campaign is actively hurting the party and that we should unite behind Hillary is, quite frankly, absurd.

Here’s video of Clinton both rejecting the idea of party unity AND mentioning the assassination of RFK both in the same video, before anyone tells me this is just another “right-wing myth.”

Supporters of Hillary Clinton are doing themselves no favors by acting as if the supporters of Senator Sanders are unable to see through these false narratives.  Those Progressive Democrats have done their research, and they do more every day as they stay abreast of everything that is going on in this campaign.  They pride themselves on being able to find the truth and fighting for what is right for ALL Americans.

Secretary Clinton and her supporters would do well to do the same, especially if they harbor any delusions of the Progressive Left being there for her, especially as we couldn’t be more vocal about the fact that we WILL NOT support her.  If she were to be the nominee, she would have to do some serious soul-searching and realize what the electorate wants, and it isn’t the status quo.

That just won’t do anymore, and neither will the false narratives.  Get informed.


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