Down With the Duggars!


I’ve talked to my future wife on many occasions about “19 Kids and Counting” — she watches the show, although we don’t believe in anything that the Duggars believe.  I’ve tried to keep quiet on social media and in my writing for a long time now, because they hadn’t really ever done anything to make me want to condemn the show.  They are just different, and they follow their god… I have no problem with that as long as it is not used as a platform to hate others.

That has changed.

There is currently a petition on Change.Org to remove the show from the air, based on comments made by Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the Duggar Family, on a political robocall that was placed this August.  Michelle said “transgender women should not be able to use the proper restroom and dubbed them “males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female.”

It is one thing to promote your lifestyle and the teachings of your religion, it is quite different to use that religion to promote hate and inequality to groups of HUMANS that are different than you.

For the record, both my fiancee and I are heterosexual and still find this to be truly appalling.   I would term us as “secular humanists” or you could call us atheists, who believe that ALL humans should be afforded the same HUMAN rights as everyone else.  The same rights that this family would themselves demand.

Their eldest child, Josh Duggar, is also part of a legislative group known as FRC Action, which is notorious for attempting to link homosexuality and pedophilia, which fits right in with Michelle Duggar’s comments on that robocall.

We can’t allow people to use the platform they have been gifted in order to preach the hatred of other human beings, especially when they are going to attempt to use their religion to justify it.  Christians are famous for saying “Only God can judge me” — why is it that they think that have the right to pass judgement and hatred off on other human beings?

This show needs to be taken off the air immediately.  Take a stand against hatred and sign the petition today to remove “19 Kids and Counting” from TLC.

Information from the Huffington Post was used in this blog post.  Please read the original link here:


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