Roger Goodell leaves his decisions up to scrutiny…AGAIN.


The NFL is in the news again for the wrong reasons, with the announcement that Adrian Peterson will be suspended without pay for the remainder of the 2014 NFL campaign.

Commissioner Roger Goodell had every chance to do things the right way in this instance, but it appears that he has failed again, even though he makes 44 million dollars per year.

Goodell’s new domestic violence policy, started in August, now calls for a six-game suspension without pay for a first-time offender of the policy.  Adrian Peterson has now missed nine games on the “exempt” list, with pay, since he was first charged with felony child abuse earlier this year.

Peterson’s camp is saying that NFL executives had told him that his time on the exempt list would be counted as time served.  Now that the actual punishment has been imposed, Peterson will miss the remaining six games of this season, and is not even eligible for reinstatement until the 15th of April of next year.

I don’t condone Adrian Peterson’s actions — I find them deplorable.  I am just looking at current NFL policy and the fact that the league’s executives do not appear to be on the same page, and Peterson’s career and future are unduly hampered by this punishment.  With Peterson unable to be reinstated until at least next April, he won’t be able to find a new team if the Vikings release him, as expected.

Is this fair?  Peterson will essentially be suspended for a total of 15 games, and even then he is not guaranteed reinstatement in April.  The policy calls for 6 games, and he’ll serve the six games and then still have to wait months to be reinstated?

As fans of the greatest sport on Earth, we need to voice our displeasure with Commissioner Goodell.  He should not be allowed to just make up the rules as he goes along, especially considering that these things have been collectively bargained with the players union.  This policy was JUST put in place in August, and the commissioner is already straying from it, and it needs to stop.


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