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The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge (Explaining my FM Tweets!)


Howdy, Football Manager Twitter! 😀

I’m posting this from my personal site as I haven’t restarted my Football Manager website as of yet. As some of you know, I used to run FMChampions, and that is what I used to identify as on this Twitter. I did a bit of time as a streamer, enough to get to affiliate, and then due to issues with my health, and also the health of those in our immediate family, I disappeared from the “FM Scene” entirely.

I have been absent from the forums for some time, and I apologize for that, as I was taking care of the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge on the SI Forums, and I said I would return, and I haven’t. I was trying to maintain it during a very bad time for our family, and I finally just blocked out the world of gaming entirely.

Anyways, enough babble, things are well enough now that I am writing full-time again, and I’m also playing a lot of Football Manager again, and documenting my exploits on Twitter. I’ve actually had a person on Twitter ask if they could “do what I was doing” with Plymouth Argyle.

Dude, you can do absolutely whatever you like. 😀 But, I’m playing an extremely popular challenge on the official SI Forums, known as The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge. I’m going to post the rules of the challenge here for easy reference, but you can also find the official thread for it here:

Here’s the rules for a quick reference, though:

The Ultimate Football Manager Challenge

Start as an UNEMPLOYED 20-year-old manager (or 19, if you use your real birthday, and that is the way it works it out.)
You start with no coaching badges, and your playing experience is Sunday League Footballer.

You can load any leagues you like, and as many leagues as you like. I personally load all nations I think I need (and a few for affiliate club/work permit purposes) but you can load them as you need as you go along.

I *personally* loaded:

England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, South Africa, China, Mexico, Brazil


You begin unemployed at 20 and must win the following trophies at Club level. May the Force be with YOU.

English Premier League
La Liga Santander
Ligue 1
Serie A

and FIVE other top-flight championships. You must also win ten different domestic cups, and the Cups must allow all top-flight teams in that league to enter.

You must also win at Club level:

UEFA Champions League
Copa Libertadores
CONCACAF Champions League
Asian Champions League
African Champions League

I hope you can see why I chose the nations I did. You need leagues that give you a chance of winning their top-flight and their Continental title.



FIFA World Cup
FIFA Confederations Cup

European Football Championship
Copa America
Gold Cup
Africa Cup of Nations
AFC Asian Cup of Nations

In other words, this challenge is the Pentagon high on meth and crack at the same time — but it has been completed, and I’m actually trying to do a speed run currently. 😀

Best of luck to anyone that chooses to participate!

Special thanks to those that follow me on Twitter and Twitch, I will be returning soon, and with a new website all about football and Football Manager! My wife and I had to get real life in order first, before we could pursue passion projects. Thanks for understanding! 😀


Your State Representative and City Council President Pro Tem in Westland think this is a great idea. Remember, Peter and Kevin are cousins.

I’m sorry in advance… I need to get some things off my chest.

I’m not a political candidate anymore.  I don’t have to play nice with people anymore.

You’re damned right that I’m pissed off about what happened with The Westland Gazette — with our City Council President Pro Tem, Peter Herzberg, and I’m also pissed off that his COUSIN, State Representative Kevin Coleman, knew the situation with the Westland Gazette and said nothing.

However, that is not why I’m pissed off.

I’m pissed off about State Representative Coleman and Councilman Herzberg’s endorsement of Mr. Timothy Gilbert for a seat on the Westland City Council.

Your State Representative and City Council President Pro Tem in Westland think this is a great idea. Remember, Peter and Kevin are cousins.

Here’s a little background on Mr. Gilbert, just in case you didn’t know.  Mr. Gilbert was a Detroit Police Officer, and during his time on the force in Detroit, he and 17 other Detroit Police Officers were indicted on a host of charges… I believe the case says thirty-two counts, but I’m not an attorney to be sure…

(LET ME BE CLEAR, THEY WERE ACQUITTED… HE WAS NOT CONVICTED.  But, he worked with Robocop, and we all know how that worked out…)  Again, I want to be clear… they walked on these charges.  I am not saying Mr. Gilbert is guilty of these crimes.  I’m saying this indictment shows he’s unfit to be our next City Councilman.

Here’s a link to the case law, decide for yourselves…

Alright, so they were all acquitted of these charges.  However, Mr. Timothy Gilbert was found to have committed misconduct by the Detroit Police Department and TERMINATED.  Even though he was acquitted in a court of law, they said he could not be a Detroit Police Officer any longer.

Mr. Gilbert has not worked as a police officer ever again.

Here’s his own quotes on this subject, to Westland Community News in 2017:

He now runs his private investigation firm, and that is all fine and dandy, Kevin and Peter love it… it’s on his official ad, which is a work of art in itself. 😀

There’s Kevin and Peter — No problem with being on the early candidate ad there at all, huh guys?  You’re both pieces of shit.  You ran a good game, but good luck in this community now…


Why is he on our TIFA Board here in Westland?

For those that are unaware, that is the Tax Increment Finance Authority.  Here’s some information about this from the City of Westland website:

Tax Increment Finance Authority

The City of Westland TIFA/EDC Board is governed by a nine (9) member board appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The purpose of the Tax Increment Finance Authority /EDC (TIFA) is to promote economic and business development through programs and public improvement projects that create economic opportunity, provide entrepreneurial support, and preserve property values. Regularly scheduled board meetings take place the second Tuesday of every other month at 8 AM at City Hall, 36300 Warren Rd. and are open to the public.

What qualifications does Mr. Gilbert have to sit on this board or to be your next CITY COUNCILMAN?

I will acknowledge his service in the Armed Forces, and I will thank him for that.

Other than that, what qualifications does he have?

This man was extremely excited and pumped up an endorsement from Bo Dietl in 2017… as in the guy who was The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort’s PERSONAL FIXER…

When he spoke to a local media outlet with over 10,000 followers about a huge federal indictment he had dealt with — that got him fired as a police officer and having to change careers, mind you — with a photo of him, a man who I’m not sure of, and JORDAN BELFORT’S FIXER.  That’s just classic Westland right there.

Make the man engage you in a debate.  He can’t do it.  He breaks down.  Ask him if he supports President Donald Trump, and see what he tells you…

This isn’t a joke, Westland — there’s only seven people running for four seats on our City Council, and you have two choices that aren’t owned by the Mayor and their own self-interests — Mike McDermott and Mike Delph.  You’ve got tough decisions, and you voted this disgrace, Mr. Timothy Gilbert, through a primary in 2017.



I wanted all of this on the record in one convenient piece for all the Westland citizens to make their decisions — and this man shouldn’t get anywhere near a City Council seat.

These are my own views, from my own website, and everything here is factual and sourced to the best of my ability (obviously, he’s commented freely on the court case.)  If you don’t like it and want to support Gilbert, I don’t care.  If you want to say mean things, you can just go fuck yourself right now and be done with it! 😀

They are facts.  Deal with them.

“Love Overcomes” – a Guest Post by Jacob Paul Johnson!


Today marks three years since an attack on an LGBT safe space by an ISIS-inspired Domestic Terrorist. 49 Lights joined the heavenly dance floor and 53 others were injured in the attack. Three years since the worst attack on the LGBT Community, and what was at the time the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

I can remember waking up and going to work that day in 2016…. and watching as the news poured in. I felt replaced with those who no longer were with us, as they could be friends, family, it could have been me.

I asked myself the question “are my friends safe?”

It could have been here in Detroit. It could have been anywhere!

Then to this past weekend… here in Detroit, Nazis marched outside a family event. They had every intention to start a violent riot, harming children and innocents. They brought their hate-filled message to a celebration of love and the freedom to express yourself.

This is 2019. We must stand strong and show that LOVE IS STRONGER than hate.

I strongly condemn the actions this weekend.

The beliefs and actions produced by these protestors are Un-American. These actions have NO PLACE in Detroit, in Michigan and NO PLACE in the United States.

This is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. 50 years since the LGBT community rose up and said enough is enough. 50 years since we started to have Pride, with a riot. Since then we have won our right to exist. To love. We are now working to have the right to have a family. Sadly we can get married on Sunday and have a pink slip on Sunday. We can be denied housing and other services. Discrimination is legal.

I wholeheartedly support and endorse Jon Hoadley’s bill to expand Elliot Larsen and urge my State Legislators to take a stand and to protect their constituents. To condemn these beliefs and support these bills!

Happy Pride, Dance On, and May the Sacred Bless you!

Game of Thrones FINALE Watch Diary!


It’s all your fault, Tyrion, you ought to feel like shit.  He’s gonna find Jaime’s hand.

You’ll never be able to say Tyrion isn’t a brave man.  He is willing to go meet his fate alone, he doesn’t want anyone else to die for him.

Jon Snow backs down yet again from what he knows is right.  Someone please tell me why we told this dude he was royalty again?  Just more fuel to my “Bran better be evil” theories.

Oh hell yeah, this bitch is crazy.  There are no people left, Daenerys.  You killed them all.  You are not a liberator.  You are a murderer.  And you just made Arya’s list… guaranteed.  That look was death.

Of course she had Tyrion arrested, instead of just having his head removed right then and there.  Jon, of course, says nothing of note… actually saying nothing this time.  He’s certainly not inspiring in his leadership.

Well, at least Tyrion is still smarter than Jon, but that doesn’t take much.

Jon wasn’t going to try to justify it, and then tried to justify it.

We are 30 minutes in, and we’ve resolved absolutely nothing.

“Love is more powerful than reason.”  A great final quote from Tyrion Lannister.  Then Jon actually got to be smart with his “Love is the death of duty.”

Jon, you are a next-level idiot.  “That’s her decision.  She is the Queen.”  I can totally understand why Kit was so horrified by this season’s scripts, now.

[GoT] People are Talking About Daenerys — but NOT Mental Illness! Why Not? [SPOILERS]

You know the only thing that’s bothering me about the Daenerys Targaryen conversations online?
I think her potential for mental illness has been well foreshadowed forever on Game of Thrones, but I get that many don’t.


It is that we are not talking about mental illness, we’re only talking about writing.

It is bothering me that we are making it sound like mental illness always has to have a prolonged incubation period.  Believe me, I can understand your concerns over poor writing — just please hear me out.  Even if it is poor writing, we’re missing a great opportunity to talk about a significant problem in OUR world, that this media is putting on display in ITS world.  People the world over are referring to Daenerys Targaryen as the “Mad Queen” (Mad as in insane) and we aren’t talking about insanity.  It’s a missed opportunity.

People are saying “There’s not enough things to show that she could go mad” or “It’s just not believable that this young lady is insane.”  Daenerys Targaryen has dealt with significant trauma throughout her life and a lot of recent trauma and traumatic stress. They literally just fought the Army of the Dead.  I’m sure that would scar us all mentally.
Daenerys has lost two of her best friends in the world just recently, (not to mention another close friend and advisor, Ser Barristan Selmy, not all that long ago) and two creatures that she considers her actual children (Viserion and Rhaegal), and all within just the past few weeks.  She’s at war, and she is an actual combatant and the commander.  Daenerys Targaryen was comparable to a fighter pilot on her dragon, Drogon, and then a melee soldier in the Battle of Winterfell.  She also had Ser Jorah Mormont, one of the two aforementioned best friends and Sworn Shield, literally die in her arms on the battlefield.

You can see the tragedy all over her face, plus, she’s going to feel survivor’s guilt, especially since he died fighting to save her.

Moving on from Jorah, the last event of S8E4 of Game of Thrones depicts the horrifying execution of Daenerys’s best friend, Missandei of Naath, who was brutally beheaded in front of Daenerys.  Not only is she beheaded in front of Daenerys, you have to assume that Dany is going to feel she deserves blame for her capture and subsequent execution.  Daenerys takes plenty of time, and cannot look away, the images searing into her mental state.

She’s a 19-year-old human being, that has never had any worthwhile family or nurturing influence in her life whatsoever.  Her brother molested her, abused her physically, and sold her into an arranged marriage, where she was subsequently raped.  I mean, I haven’t gotten to anything she’s done, and we are already to a human being that should likely be spending several years, if not a lifetime, in therapy.  Remember, when you first see Daenerys, she is naked in a bathtub, her face void of any emotion, as she prepares to be sold away into an arranged marriage and rape.  A little sympathy for Daenerys Targaryen, eh?

She WAS an empty shell… and Daenerys Targaryen’s life has been rife with abuses and disappointments ever since.
Mental illness can strike anyone at any time. There currently aren’t good conversations about that fact going on right now…People are only saying “they never showed this in Dany” or “the writing’s not good enough to show Dany go down this route.”  I get it, I would certainly love several seasons more of great character development, and great shows, but D&D had to fuck off to Star Wars.  This is what we get, but we can still make it work, and enjoy and learn from it as we do any other media.

They absolutely showed this potential in Daenerys Targaryen.  Anyone that can watch the public crucifixion of 163 people, and regularly burn people alive, is not someone that should be considered mentally sound.  Her first action to attempt to seize power is a blood sacrifice that requires her to walk into a fire.  Yes, we’re in a fantasy world, but that’s not a hallmark of stability.  Luckily, she performed a blood magic rite without even knowing it, or she would have already lost her life to mental illness.  
I thought the episode preview, where they made it sound like Dany was hearing all the voices, right up to Viserys saying “You don’t want to wake the dragon” was just SO well done.  There hasn’t been many things I’ve said are “so well done” this season, but that episode recap and intro felt like it was in Daenerys’s head, and it worked.  Here’s a look at it:

We probably all know someone who has some type of mental illness, and we probably all know someone that could potentially “wig out” at a lot less than Daenerys Targaryen has.  Let’s also not forget, Daenerys feels she just lost the man she loves as well, as well as feeling he’s betrayed her personally.  Yes, he’s her nephew, but they didn’t know that when they fell in love, and it doesn’t mean quite the same in their world.  It probably wasn’t a healthy relationship long-term, but neither was having her heart broken during so many other significant traumas.

“All right then…Let it be fear.” was definitely always in play as a response to all of this.

They will probably portray her as “evil” — but, it looked more like a culmination of mental illness leading into a full-on psychotic incident.  This might be a way for all those parents who stupidly named their daughters Khaleesi a chance off the hook — use S8E5 to show the awesome power of mental illness to that child, and show how serious mental illness should be taken.

We could be using Daenerys Targaryen to talk about what would happen if world leaders were mentally ill, and boy, might that be relevant now or in the near future?  What if we had a nuclear-enabled country with a “Mad President” at the controls?  Oh, we do?  Well, then everything you see here should be a good example of exactly what can happen if you don’t nip that in the bud. 🙂

Remember, George R.R. Martin was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War, and A Song of Ice and Fire is an anti-war piece at its core.  Mental illness is an unfortunate byproduct of war, and Daenerys Targaryen has been at war for some time, and, of course, has a family history of mental illness… just like many of us.

Emilia Clarke has put in such an amazing performance, but especially the last few episodes during her breakdown, and it shouldn’t be wasted as an opportunity to discuss real issues like mental illness, war, and the impact both have on people.

She’s also now done an amazing job of showing that even the strongest, most inspirational characters can succumb to mental illness.  Bravo.  I’ve said it on here already, but Ms. Clarke deserves ALL the Emmy’s this season.

You’ll notice I didn’t even speak about the moral gray of her previous actions.  I didn’t bring up the Sack of Astapor, for instance, as a justification — let’s just acknowledge that Daenerys Targaryen is mentally ill, and it is very sad that she is likely going to be murdered, or commit suicide, rather than getting the help she needs!  Let’s talk about these issues in our real life, so we can be better aware of them, and help others!

If you, or someone you know, needs someone to talk to, please: 

Call 1-800-273-8255 – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

If you, or someone you know is a combat veteran that needs assistance, please call the above # or look for resources at

Available 24 hours everyday!

Let’s have the conversation.

[GoT] Do I Still Have to Explain “The Rains of Castamere?” [SPOILERS THRU FINALE]


I didn’t think I would have to write this piece… but I am seeing so much confusion on Reddit and other social media as to the death of Cersei and Jaime Lannister.

I’m seeing a lot of “What the HELL, Cersei died in a building collapse? This is awful!”

Cersei and Jaime’s death is poetic, beautiful, and satisfying. The Lannister Twins die the same way House Reyne of Castamere did. The same Reynes that make up “The Rains of Castamere” that House Lannister has been using to intimidate everyone in Westeros for seven-plus seasons now!  Let’s take a look at the scene first:

Now, let’s go on a little Westerosi history lesson:

Show-Only Lore!

For the show-only lore, we know that House Reyne is an extinct vassal house of the Westerlands, formerly sworn to House Lannister of Casterly Rock. Their seat was the castle of Castamere until it was torched during the Reyne Rebellion, along with all members of the family. (That sound like what happened in “The Bells?” Cersei’s seat was The Red Keep, and it just got torched along with the only family she still cares about.)

Tywin’s army put Castamere castle to the torch, and had all surviving members of House Reyne put to the sword – man, woman, and child – as an example to any vassals who would dare challenge the Lannisters in the future.

Lore from the Books!

Now, we’ll look at the book lore, with explanation from

“Roger Reyne, who succeeded Robert, was the Lord of Castamere during the rule of Gerold’s successor, Lord Tytos Lannister. The Reynes had prospered greatly under Tytos’s misrule. Both Roger and Ser Reynard extracted large amounts of gold from Tytos. After the War of the Ninepenny Kings, Tytos’s son and heir, Ser Tywin Lannister, demanded repayment of the gold that was lent out, but Roger reportedly laughed and told his vassals to do nothing. This eventually led Tywin to summon the Reynes and the Tarbecks to answer for their crimes. They chose defiance instead and with it, started the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion against their Lannister overlords.

Tarbeck Hall was the first to feel Tywin’s wrath and House Tarbeck was exterminated, including Ellyn. After an unsuccessful battle against the Lannister host led by Tywin, Ser Reynard and the wounded Lord Roger took refuge in the mines underneath Castamere. Reynard, once his folk were safe, offered terms to Tywin. Instead, Tywin ordered the sealing of Castamere’s entrances and the diverting of nearby water into the mine, causing the deaths of all within.

The downfall of the Reynes is popularized in “The Rains of Castamere”, a song which Tywin Lannister sometimes uses for intimidation.”


So, we’ve got some really easy tie-ins here.

Tywin was going to crush his enemies, and they sent him terms of surrender. He sealed them up under their house, or torched it and put everyone to the sword, so, they are actually paying off BOTH sets of lore here! It fits with both the show and the book lore, but especially well with the books.

Cersei, at her end, realizes she’s trapped and going to die — just like those hiding in the mines under Castamere. There’s no escape for her, and she would have felt the same fear those people did.  The icing on the cake is that they die in the room where the Dragon skulls are kept.

That’s fairly poetic, they’ve intimidated the entire populace with that damn song and that is the end of the Lannister Twins?  The writing has been awfully tragic this season, but Jaime and Cersei’s end is beautiful.

Extra Notes

It probably isn’t in the way you all fashioned, but they also paid off the books-only Valonqar prophecy with the final acts between Jaime and Cersei.

Let’s rehash what Maggy the Frog said to Cersei in her youth:

“And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

Cersei is pleading with Jaime at first… she doesn’t want to die.  She wants the baby to survive.  She has drowned in her tears over her baby.

Jaime (the Valonqar) puts his hands around Cersei’s throat and makes her realize that the baby doesn’t matter… there were only two things that Cersei ever truly loved, her children and Jaime.  Once she realizes the baby won’t survive, Cersei is truly dead, having drowned on her tears.  She resigns herself to her fate, ready to die with Jaime.

The Valonqar had choked the life from her, and you see them die together in the collapse.

Sure, it isn’t the violent ending you thought you might see, but I’m not sure how people thought Jaime could ever do violence to Cersei in the first place.  Even fully hating her, I don’t think he could have ever brought himself to harm her… as we so plainly see, he was fully prepared to go to the grave with his hateful twin.

I hope this can make you all feel better about what you may have thought was a silly end to Jaime and Cersei.  You still may not like it, but at least you can see that they were trying to pay off plenty of foreshadowing and lore, which is definitely more than we can say for some characters right now!

I’m working on another potential Ending Theory, so I’ll see you folks again real soon!

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook at or on Twitter at!

Thanks so much for reading!

GOT Finale – The Scouring of King’s Landing and The Children of the Forest… [HEAVY SPOILERS]


A lot of people used to think Brandon Stark was the Ultimate Villain of Game of Thrones. They thought he was the Night King.

I don’t think Bran is the Night King — but I do think he’s the “Ultimate Villain” of Game of Thrones, and I’m going to break down why!  Also, let me be clear, I don’t think BRAN is the Ultimate Villain — I believe the Three-Eyed Raven is, and at the same time, I do not believe it to be a villain at all, nor do I believe it to be “evil.”

The Three-Eyed Raven’s people, the Children of the Forest, were living peacefully from the dawn of time — until they were unjustly attacked by the First Men. If anyone has justification for an attack, it is the Children of the Forest and The Three-Eyed Raven… but we’ll get there… stay with me.


I saw a comment last evening, and it really snapped it all into place for me.  Let me post the comment I saw for you, and they’ll well analyze this.

Someone asked on a video “Where’s Bran during the two most anticipated battles in human history” — and the answer is great…

“What do you mean where? Exactly where he wanted to be, observing all the foolish humans killing each other, rubbing his hands together, as everything was going according to the plan. Their rogue weapon dealt with the human scum beyond the wall and was dealt with in turn. The insane girl destroyed the southern power, and in a way that ensures her own demise. Now it’s time for the other insane girl (or the idiot boy, doesn’t really matter) to dispose of her. Then it will be their turn.

He kept telling the idiot humans he’s no longer Bran, but they ignored him. They always ignore what they don’t understand. Now they will all die. The Children of the Forest will be avenged.”

Take a second, and pick your jaw up off the floor. OK, now let’s look at an analysis of The Three-Eyed Raven’s actions just here in the final season.

Meeting Aegon Targaryen and Daenerys the Destroyer (The “Savior” of the North and The Conqueror of the South)

Daenerys and Jon arrive at Winterfell, and Jon’s first move is to go and embrace what he thinks is his brother, Brandon Stark. What is Jon and The Three-Eyed Raven’s first exchange since the last time he saw him? (Mind you, the last time he spoke to Bran, Bran could still walk!)

JS: “Look at you, you’re a MAN!”

3ER: “Almost.”

Jon sure didn’t know what to say to that… so he said nothing. Then he reunites with Sansa, and introduces Dany, and The Three-Eyed Raven is instantly authoritative.

3ER: “We don’t have time for all this. The Night King has your dragon, he’s one of them now. The Wall has fallen, the Dead march south.”

OK, nothing that you think he’s on the wrong team. No problem.

Seeing The Future and Laying the Groundwork for Dany’s Mental Illness

Next, The Three-Eyed Raven is going to prove he can see the future. Samwell gets done hearing from Daenerys that she nuked his father and brother, and stumbles outside, unstable in grief. Sam approaches and asks The Three-Eyed Raven “What are you doing out here?” It is for the first time this season that The Three-Eyed Raven shows he’s able to see the future as well as the past, as he replies…

3ER: “Waiting…for an old friend.”

He KNOWS Jaime Lannister is coming to town. He’s seen the future. He then chooses THIS time to tell Samwell that it is his duty to tell Jon the truth about his parentage.

Sam: “No… You’re his brother. Shouldn’t you tell him?”

3ER: “I’m not his brother. He trusts you more than anyone. NOW’S the time.”

The Three-Eyed Raven KNOWS this is the one person Jon will believe without questioning.

OK… let’s analyze this for a second. Sure, The Three-Eyed Raven knows he isn’t Jon’s real brother anyway, but Jon doesn’t at this point. He still thinks The Three-Eyed Raven is Brandon Stark, and that he is his half-brother. It is another subtle hint that The Three-Eyed Raven is no longer human at all. He doesn’t say “I’m not his brother, I’m his cousin…we’re family, but we’re not that close…” or anything like that. He knows that this is the one way he can be sure this information is received and accepted as fact.  Anyway, this isn’t the truly important part of this scene…

The much larger issue is that The Three-Eyed Raven has seen the future — WHY IS THIS THE TIME? We know now, through the benefit of having seen The Long Night end, and also The Scouring of Kings Landing, that it was definitely NOT the time.  We’ve seen what The Three-Eyed Raven saw.  How did Jon knowing he was the heir help during The Long Night or The Scouring of King’s Landing? The answer is simple:

It didn’t.

Going into the Battle of Winterfell, FOUR individuals know Jon’s identity. Jon, Daenerys, Sam, and The Three-Eyed Raven. This information is of absolutely zero tactical value during the Battle of Winterfell, and actually affects Dany’s mental state, to where when she sees the Dothraki being slaughtered, she stops the original plan and goes flying off on the Dragon… thus making Jon fly off on the Dragon. No one else knows. No one else knows after the Battle of Winterfell, either… so there was NO ADVANTAGE GAINED by Jon having learned this information before The Long Night. None.

It DOES begin to lay the groundwork for Daenerys to lose her mind and destroy King’s Landing! It also weakens the “heroes” army, and also removes another dragon from the field in Viserion. All they really needed for King’s Landing was Drogon and a small force, so taking out half of the “hero” force, the undead dragon, and the rogue weapon (the Night King) is an awesome single night’s work. Daenerys learned of Jon’s claim right before the battle, and the heroes took extra losses due to it. She also then acts rashly and loses Rhaegal and Missandei enroute to the Scouring of King’s Landing directly due to her mental state. She’s unwilling to wait to go, because someone else WITH HER has a better claim to the Throne. Instant paranoia.

“No one loves me, including my lover.” What GOOD did it do for ANYONE to learn this information?

There’s one more quote that we need to see, and that is when The Three-Eyed Raven meets with Jaime Lannister.  Jaime apologizes, and The Three-Eyed Raven says he wasn’t sorry then, but he was just protecting his family.  Jaime says “I’m not that person anymore” and we get another hugely important quote from The Three-Eyed Raven:

3ER: “You still would be, if you hadn’t pushed me out of that window.  And I would still be Brandon Stark.”

JL: “You’re not?”

3ER: “No, I’m something else now.”

The Three-Eyed Raven also says that Jaime won’t be any help if he reveals that Jaime tried to kill Brandon Stark when he was a boy, and that he needs him in this fight. Jaime asks him “What about afterwards?”

3ER: “How do you know there is an afterwards?”

Sure, this could be foreshadowing Jaime’s death last evening, but… what if he’s meaning “There isn’t an afterwards for humanity in this fight?” It’s definitely in play. Also, The Three-Eyed Raven knows he needs Jaime alive. He needs Jaime alive so that Tyrion will also betray Daenerys, by freeing Jaime to go to Cersei. The “surrender” plan is Tyrion’s, and supposed to be executed by Jaime. You can say this is the “betrayal for love” most likely. Tyrion betrayed Daenerys for the love for his brother, the love he still had for his hateful sister, and the love he had for the child that would have joined the Lannister family, if his plan succeeds. It could also have something to do with Tyrion being jealous, as well… but I don’t think it likely. I think it was just the love of family.

The War Council

I am just going to post the video of the War Council, instead of trying to analyze all of it in quotes:

The Three-Eyed Raven overrules the military leaders in Jon and Jaime, and is certain that the Night King will come for him. The NK has tried before, with plenty of Three-Eyed Ravens. (When? Could this be a lie? All crows are liars.)

He sets the military strategy on his path, for the Night King to meet him at the Godswood. He placed the murder weapon in Arya’s hand last season. “I don’t want it, it’s wasted on a cripple.” Sure, he could be using his Three-Eyed Raven powers for good, but this showed again, that the Three-Eyed Raven can see the future. Arya asks if dragonfire will stop the Night King, and now The Three-Eyed Raven makes it clear that he has seen the whole of human history by saying that no one has ever tried to use dragonfire on the Night King.

They hide any further potential of information from us, even though Tyrion approaches him wanting to hear his journey. We know they speak, but other than hearing his journey has been “stranger than most” we get no further info from this scene.

The Three-Eyed Raven and The Hand of the Queen

The next scene with The Three-Eyed Raven playing a part is after the Battle of Winterfell, and we see Tyrion Lannister approach to speak to who he thinks is Brandon Stark. They make small talk, and The Three-Eyed Raven shows how much time he’s been in the past, as he’s got a new wheelchair design. It was the same one “made by Daeron Targaryen for his crippled nephew, 120 years ago.” Then, we get into the interesting parts…

TL: “You know our history better than anyone. That will be useful as Lord of Winterfell.”

3ER: “I’m not Lord of Winterfell.”

TL: “You’re the last surviving trueborn son of Ned Stark.” Very long pause. “You don’t want it…”

3ER: “I don’t really want…anymore.”

At this point, Tyrion says “I envy you” and The Three-Eyed Raven strangely looks quickly off to his left, and then back to Tyrion, and says “You shouldn’t envy me.” If we flash back to Season Seven, we know this isn’t the first time The Three-Eyed Raven has told characters that he can not be, or is not, the Lord of Winterfell. This was from Season 7, and his first conversation with Sansa. I’ve started this video at the 3:30 mark, if my cue does not work for you.

SS: “Your father’s last living trueborn son. You’re Lord of Winterfell now.”

3ER: “I can never be Lord of Winterfell. I can never be Lord of anything, I’m The Three-Eyed Raven.”

The scene continues, and to the character’s credit, Sansa is really the only one that ever is successful at all in trying to understand what happened to Bran, and what he meant when he told her he was The Three-Eyed Raven. She is the ONLY character to ask so far, with one episode to go, anything about the crippled boy and how he now is Westerosi Google and Westerosi Miss Cleo all rolled into one. Tyrion did appear to try to ask, but it was offscreen. We can only assume that Tyrion didn’t ask relevant questions to provide any further information, which would totally play into the dunce they have made Tyrion ever since he put that bolt through Tywin’s guts. (Peter Dinklage, man, I absolutely love you, and none of this is your fault. Definitely Top 5 acting performances I’ve ever seen, and Emilia makes that list as well. Bravo, sir. To the entire cast, really. Thank you.)

Tyrion and Varys

I also want to bring attention to this clip between Tyrion and Varys, while sailing… and these very important quotes (cue video at 1:50 if it fails to do so:

Varys: “You know them both, who do you think would make a better ruler?”

Tyrion: “He doesn’t want the Throne, that’s why he bent the knee.”

Varys: “Have you considered the best ruler might be someone who doesn’t want to rule?”

The Three-Eyed Raven, who our “heroes” know as Bran, has indicated on multiple occasions that he can’t, or doesn’t want to rule. He doesn’t really want anything anymore, and as genius Tyrion says, he knows our history better than anyone, that would make him a helluva Lord, eh! That might be a very good reason for them to nominate the Three-Eyed Raven to be the new King, after Daenerys the Destroyer has been put down. Varys would NEVER put this all-knowing individual on the Iron Throne, though. He was the smartest character in the show, so he had to be put down. Conleth Hill, absolutely amazing performance. You brought my favorite literary character ever to life in a way I could not imagine. I truly thank you, and I hope you see this. This entire cast is amazing.

The Last of the Starks

The last scene involving The Three-Eyed Raven is in the Godswood, with Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, and The Three-Eyed Raven. The video I posted covers the entire War Council and the scene in the Godswood. Make sure you watch when they peel away from the table showing the entire battle plan…The Three-Eyed Raven is seated at the corner of the table, he can see everything perfectly. He’s in the one family in Westeros where his family loyalty will NEVER be questioned.

Does he warn Daenerys the Destroyer of the impending doom to the dragon Rhaegal, or to the Queen’s fleet, or to the capture and subsequent public beheading of Missandei of Naath — in front of her lover, no less?

He doesn’t speak a single word at the War Council. Not one.

Sansa and Arya then ask for a word with Jon after the War Council, with the plan to attack siege King’s Landing. They make it clear to Jon that they do not trust Queen Daenerys, and they have a spirited discussion that ends with this:

Arya: “We’re family — the four of us. The Last of the Starks” (roll credits!)

Jon: “I’ve never been a Stark.”

Sansa: “You are. You’re just as much Ned Stark’s child as any of us.”

Arya: “You’re my brother. Not my half-brother or my bastard brother. My brother!”

The Three-Eyed Raven has been looking on intently, right in the middle of Sansa and Arya, looking directly at Jon Snow. Jon swears Arya and Sansa to secrecy, and then has The Three-Eyed Raven reveal his parentage to them. Or at least we assume, as they do this offscreen.

The Three-Eyed Raven says only three words…

“It’s YOUR choice.”

The Three-Eyed Raven knows Jon’s honor will not permit him to lie to his family. He is going to tell Arya and Sansa the truth 100% of the time. The Three-Eyed Raven can see the future. He knows that this knowledge will now make its way to Tyrion and Varys. Let us rehash who we know learns this information before The Scouring of King’s Landing starts:

The Three-Eyed Raven, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Samwell Tarly, Tyrion Lannister, Varys, and Howland Reed are the only ones who possess the truth of Jon Snow’s parentage going into and through The Scouring of Kings Landing.

Let us analyze what each character is doing through this point:

The Three-Eyed Raven: At Winterfell (We assume.)
Jon Snow: At King’s Landing
Daenerys Targaryen: At King’s Landing
Sansa Stark: At Winterfell
Arya Stark: At King’s Landing
Samwell Tarly: At Castle Black
Tyrion Lannister: At King’s Landing
Varys: At Dragonstone, attempts to poison Daenerys, sends ravens with Snow’s heritage and is EXECUTED for treason.
Howland Reed: Assumed to be at The Neck. No one has seen Howland Reed for the entirety of the series. He is the only one who was witness to Jon’s birth by Lyanna Stark.

Now… let us analyze. The Three-Eyed Raven told Samwell Tarly that it was the time to tell Jon Snow he was Aegon Targaryen nearing the end of Episode 1. Has this information done ANYTHING to help the heroes? No. It led directly to The Scouring of King’s Landing.

Howland Reed is alive. He is the only man alive that can truthfully speak to Jon’s parentage, and has seen the falsehood of the succession. The only conceivable reason why he has not left The Neck is that he is working with the Children of the Forest to win the war with humanity. He was Ned Stark’s best friend, and the relationship was fierce, so we must assume that he is potentially under the power of the Children, just like Brandon Stark, from the year he spent on the Isle of Faces. Jojen was definitely serving the cause of the Children, even knowing the day he would die in service of The Three-Eyed Raven. Meera is my only straggling issue with this theory, I must admit.

Daenerys’s conscience, Ser Jorah Mormont — who would have absolutely prevented The Scouring of King’s Landing — died at the Battle of Winterfell, after being granted Heartsbane in order to protect Daenerys the Destroyer. Do not think for a single second that The Three-Eyed Raven did not get that sword into Jorah’s hand.

Varys has likely alerted any Lord of Westeros that could play a role against Daenerys Targaryen, we see him writing the raven scrolls with Jon’s lineage on them. Varys tries to use one of his little birds to poison Daenerys, but she is foiled.

When have you ever known Varys’s little birds to fail and to get eyes on them? Hardly ever, right? What if the Three-Eyed Raven was warging in and making sure no one could poison Daenerys the Destroyer?

Then, of course… we have this.

The Three-Eyed Raven can see the future. Jon Snow is the last one to speak to Daenerys before The Scouring of King’s Landing, and it is his claim, and the rift that has grown between them because of it, that drives Daenerys over the edge to destroy King’s Landing and the ONE MILLION INNOCENT PEOPLE inside. The soon-to-be iconic words and awesome acting from Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke will live forever during the rejection scene:

Daenerys: I don’t have love here, I only have fear.

[They kiss, but Jon pulls away. It doesn’t seem he can truly commit to his aunt.]

Daenerys: All right, then. Let it be fear.

The Three-Eyed Raven saw this disaster, and not only did he not say a single word to stop it, it absolutely appears as if he orchestrated the entire thing.

You have probably noticed that I have refused to call The Three-Eyed Raven “Bran” in this writing… it is because HE IS NOT BRANDON STARK!.

The Three-Eyed Raven is likely the awareness and the power of the Children of the Forest, who are still likely present at The Isle of Faces, and potentially at The Neck. No one has passed the Neck the entire series — and we’ve all been looking for Howland Reed for 72 episodes. We know that Howland Reed spent at least a year at the Isle of Faces with the Children. Meera and Jojen are Howland Reed’s children, and could have easily been instructed by their father that the way of the Children is the way, so they would help the Children turn Brandon Stark into the savior of the world for The Children of the Forest. It is likely that they will be permitted to live with the Children, as long as they do not reproduce.

We assume the Children are gone… but they were not. Jon Snow made sure that the humans would destroy the rogue weapon (The Night King) the Children made, and after the rogue weapon destroyed the North, The Three-Eyed Raven made sure that Daenerys would be sure to destroy the South. All of the major houses are gone, except for House Martell and House Stark. If Daenerys executes Tyrion, the only remaining major houses in Westeros are House Stark, House Martell in Dorne, and House Arryn. I do not think anyone will recognize Gendry’s Lordship after the actions of Daenerys, but if so, House Baratheon has a single bastard member. House Lannister is gone. House Tyrell is gone. House Arryn may as well jump through the Moon Door. They are all gone.

Jon Snow will put down Daenerys the Destroyer, and Drogon will melt the Iron Throne. You may even see Jon’s sword alight in a great flame, so the “heroes” think they’ve done the right thing. A Great Council will be called to determine the fate of the realm. There’s still a dragon left, and the Children of the Forest will put it to good use. Don’t invade other people’s lands. They were living in peace when the First Men attacked.

Aegon Targaryen will refuse to stay in the South, he’s done fighting and had to kill the woman he loved, even though she became mentally ill. He will exile to the North with Ghost. He abdicates his claim to the Throne. The Three-Eyed Raven may even tell him there may be another threat to the North, and he can reform the Night’s Watch… just to get him out of the way.

The idiot humans, they think that Brandon Stark, last trueborn son of Ned Stark, should be the ruler of Westeros. He doesn’t really want anymore, and he knows every bit of their history. It wasn’t like he could have stopped The Scouring of King’s Landing by the Mad Queen, Daenerys the Destroyer of House Targaryen, or anything. If Jon abdicates his claim, and Daenerys is dead, only Brandon Stark and Gendry Baratheon (if recognized) would have claims to the Throne. All Targaryens, Baratheons, and Lannisters are dead. The Starks are the oldest family in the realm, and have a “trueborn son” to lead their family. Brandon Stark “is the only choice for the throne.” (The Children chose their target well.)

This just goes with the theme that people shouldn’t rule other people, and it certainly shouldn’t be determined by your gender or what order you were born in. They will put a destructive force on the Throne, simply because of “birthright.” That’s not the way to go, and that is just one thing that George R.R. Martin is trying to teach us in this amazing series. Thank you, George, even if Dan and Dave did wind up ultimately disappointing.

With Daenerys the Destroyer put down, the armies of humanity decimated, and Aegon Targaryen going to the True North, it is the time. You see Drogon’s eyes turn blue as the Three-Eyed Raven completes HIS destiny, and the destiny of the Children of the Forest.

The truths the First Men knew, forgotten now in Winterfell, is that these are the lands of The Children of The Forest. The Children shall have their revenge.

If only The North Remembered…

Thrones S8E5 – “The Bells” – Don’t Tell Me You Didn’t See This Coming! *HEAVY SPOILERS*


Please don’t tell me this wasn’t foreshadowed.  Don’t tell me you never possibly saw this in Daenerys Targaryen.


Has life been GOOD for the Seven Kingdoms since the Targaryen family came to Westeros in 0AC? (Please remember, the years are measured by Daenerys’s ancestor’s CONQUEST.)

No… it sure hasn’t.

Emilia Clarke deserves every award you can throw her.  Just give her all the Emmy’s.

This has been a possibility in the character from the start.  How does she begin her ascent to power, what makes her think her destiny is real?  A blood sacrifice.

Of a slave and rape victim. (Mirri Maz Duur.)

Now, you can argue that it’s “justified” for her to have burned Mirri.  You can also see Mirri’s side.  Mirri betrayed Daenerys and justified herself saying that now there will be no “stallion who mounts the world” burning cities and trampling nations to the ground.

What did Daenerys just do?  Burned a city and trampled a nation to the ground.

Remember, Dany didn’t think this was her destiny in Season One.  She thought it was RHAEGO’S.  He was going to be that Stallion, burning and sacking cities.  And then, it was her destiny, right?

Well, no… actually, it was supposed to be that Bastard of Winterfell guy’s destiny — you’ve seen her take it away from HIM all season, along with everything he holds dear.  Poor Kit looks so horrified in those scenes… they sure don’t give him many lines anymore, but if they have Emmy’s for “Horrified That Bitch is Crazy” Looks, we can put him down now.

Now, if Jon Snow were a woman, with the rightful claim to the throne, and Daenerys was a man, with the lesser claim, telling Jon Snow to pipe down and lie to everyone about HIS destiny — well, I know quite a few young ladies that would have a real problem with that.

THAT is the kind of thing George is trying to tell you in the literature.  That men are no better than women.  No one’s justified going and killing people and burning them alive.  He’s also telling us that using weapons of mass destruction is BAD, and they tried to give you the human impact of them last night with Arya, they say as much in the Behind the Scenes.  Arya wasn’t useless, she was supposed to give you a birds-eye view of what happened to the innocents last night.  War sucks.

Please remember — George R.R. Martin was a “conscientious objector” and this has always been a war story.  He was draft-eligible during Vietnam, and applied for and recieved conscientious objector status.  He writes about real things.

I’m quite sure we will see the Iron Throne melted at the end of the series, and honestly I’ll be pissed if it’s not — and the only way I won’t is if it is King Bran… and he’s “Evil” (we could talk about that all day) Bran, and he represents all of the power of the Children of the Forest.

But, that’s for another article… 😀


Other notes:

I loved CleganeBowl.  The Hound and Arya are the best story that the show ever told, really, and him being her protector one last time hit you right in the feels.  He was right.  If Arya went any farther on her quest for vengeance, she was dead.  It didn’t matter if she killed Cersei and got out — she would still be dead inside after that.  (Or crushed under the rocks, you can take it as literal as you like.)

The fight itself was solid enough, even if the Mountain looked like some creepy Darth Vader/Frankenstein mashup.  It certainly isn’t solving any theories about whose head he has, if anyone’s, in the books…

Jaime and Cersei met their end in the same way as House Reyne did.  Trapped under a building.  It’s poetic that the song they used to torment people the entire series “The Rains of Castamere” happens to be about the House that Tywin ended by trapping the last of them under their House.

They did make mistakes in post because Jaime actually had his right hand on MULTIPLE occasions last night, including putting his hands on Cersei’s throat right before they died.  I’ll post the Valonqar payoff, Jaime always did choke the life right out of Cersei…and then their editing flub:

So, I’m actually absolutely fine with Jaime and Cersei’s ending.  Poetic for them to go out like Tywin’s enemies had, and they paid off some lore.

You literally see a pale horse with Arya.  The person that rides on the pale horse is Death, and Hell comes with them.  (I think Arya is going to kill Dany with Jon’s face.)

I’m happy that my boy Varys went out like a boss, but I am still pissed off.  For one, I want to know why he took off his rings before leaving, and I *want to know the name of the one who spoke in the flames, goddammit.*

No Tormund, Ghost, Sansa, Brienne, Gendry, and Davos really didn’t play much of a role.  I’m a bit shocked, actually, considering how burning people alive has been a major part of Davos’s journey…  I’m still assuming Jon ends in the North, and hoping we see Tormund and Ghost again, but it certainly wasn’t here.


D&D need to be arrested for the complete character slaughter of one of the most awesome characters in the books… Euron Greyjoy.


“I’m the man who killed Jaime Lannister.”  The worst part is that I think Pilou Asbaek did as well as he possibly could with the absolute nonsense bullshit they gave him to work with.  They’ve been destroying his character from the start, and it’s awful that this amazing character is one of the joke arcs of the series.

The first time he and Jaime meet, as you’ll recall, he tells him that he thought he was absolutely glorious as he murdered his family members at the Siege of Pyke.  We know this isn’t nonsense, GoT Euron tells us how much he likes murdering his own family, and encourages Cersei to try it.

Where is Yara Greyjoy?  We realize at this point that this arc from D&D went: Euron takes Iron Islands, Yara leaves with his ships, Euron blinks 1,000 ships out of thin air in the Iron Islands, Yara gets caught and captured, Euron offers her a drink and goes to fuck the Queen, Theon rescues her in the most unlikely rescue ever, she punches him, tells him “It’s OK to go die for another family, GO” fucks off to the Iron Islands, and we never see her again.

After Yara’s rescue by Theon, you never hear Euron mention her ever again.  He’s not concerned?  At all?  His kingdom has been seized, and he’s just like “bah, fuck it, I’m nailing the Queen and my primary goal in life is to kill her brother-husband now!”

Are we supposed to believe that Euron cares enough about Cersei or the baby that Jaime becomes his ultimate rival?

Then… you LET EURON KILL JAIME — because I’m sorry, but with what they show, JAIME IS FUCKING DEAD.  Instead, we get that (actually awesome with how stupid they played the arc) shot of Euron 4th walling the camera, and Jaime, who has been stabbed twice, once in each side, regrows his hand and walks to die with his sister.  That was so #Thronesy, let me tell ya.

I think that is what bothered me most.  I always knew Dany would flip.  You don’t put two main Targaryens in a story and then say “Well, every time there is a Targaryen born, the Gods flip a coin, and it is either greatness or madness” for nothing.  That doesn’t bother me.

It’s the execution… they waited an extra year and still rushed the hell out of this?  Everyone thought Emilia and Kit’s reactions were false, or fake-outs… they weren’t.   I always felt the story was going this type of way, but D&D did it a real disservice jumping fucking ship like this.

Enjoy the Captain Phasma tale brought to you by D&D, it’s going to be really cool! 😀

Game of Thrones – S8E2 – Re-Watch Diary!


Welcome back, everyone — and first and foremost, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Just like last week, I’ve already initially watched the episode with my wife, and now I’ve decompressed and am ready to rewatch and take notes as I go!  I’m not going to timestamp the episode as I did last week, as I wound up going back and editing them out.  I’ll be speaking chronologically, so if I glossed over something, I didn’t have anything to say on it.

I was far more satisfied at the end of this week’s episode, in that I felt we were really getting moving on the story by its end.  Let’s see how I feel after more careful analysis!

I’ll definitely be writing a post to update my thoughts on several common theories tomorrow afternoon, but for now, let us just enjoy S8E2 – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (We <3 you, Ser Brienne of Tarth!)  EDITORS NOTE:  She can’t just be “Lady Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms?”

On with the SHOW!


I actually quite liked the entire Trial scene, for pretty much everyone.  Brienne, of course, spoke up for Jaime, and we see growth out of both Sansa and Daenerys in the scene.  Even though Sansa doesn’t know that Jaime threw Bran from the window, she still had a legitimate reason to want him executed in the scene — the attack on her father in King’s Landing.  Obviously, Jon didn’t need to grow much here — but it is to be said that he made the correct decision, with the manner of a true King and…

DAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN that’s a COLD SHOULDER from Jon to Dany, and a total walk-off.  She’s trying to engage, he knows it, and bolts.  He’s obviously wrestling with some stuff, nothing major or anything! 😀

I think we just saw Varys make his only function of the episode… he bowed to Dany.  What happened to Varys?  Tyrion makes a resurgence later in the episode, but I don’t remember Varys at all after watching once, so I noted his bow to Dany here.

I’m glad Jorah goes to talk to Dany, though, because someone needed to bring her up short, and make her realize that she’s STILL worried about the wrong things.  We’re less than 24 hours from the Dead arriving, and you’re worried about having a better Hand of the Queen?  Really, Dany?  I love Emilia, and she’s playing her spectacularly, but Dany’s become a totally STONEHEARTED LADY.

Then… we have the most amazing character in history… Ladies and Gentlemen… Miss Arya Stark of Winterfell… goodness gracious.  The demonstration of her skill, her want of ACTUAL TACTICAL INFORMATION from a fellow warrior, who had actually fought the enemy in question, and then the authoritative “My weapon?!” at the very end… she’s amazing, but Gendry is awesome as well.  Amazing acting by both of them here.  (Arya is just too bad-ass, though, since I’ve already seen the episode.  Arya Stark takes what she wants, dammit.)

We peel back to look at the Tree in the Godswood, and see Bran sitting in his chair in the snow… and just a great scene between Bran and Jaime.  I didn’t think Bran would be angry at Jaime and that definitely paid off, and Bran is definitely seeing two moves ahead.  He knows Jaime is crucial to the fight, and he KNOWS what he needs now.  Benjen Coldhands told Bran that he would be ready when the Night King came — does he sound like he is not ready, in any way?  His quote to Jaime at the end of the scene is great, as well “How do you know there IS an afterwards?”

Tyrion and Jaime together again is great.  Tyrion gets a great scene, and a great zinger on Jaime, when Jaime says he was fooled by Cersei, and Tyrion tells him “She never fooled you.  You always knew exactly what she was, and you loved her anyway.”  The scene continues, and they have a laugh over Tyrion’s classic line about how and where he wants to die… and then the conversation trails off, with Tyrion telling him that once he’s dead, he hopes to march down to King’s Landing and rip Cersei apart… but Jaime’s not listening, because he’s watching his NEW true love, Lady Brienne of Tarth, masterfully commanding her training troops.  (Oh, and keep up the awesome work, Podrick!  Someone should knight YOU, as well!)

Jaime… bro… tell her… I LOVE YOU.  You can do it.  We all know you have it in you.

Then we cut to Ser Jorah giving Dany the best counsel she has received yet.  That Tyrion really was deserving of being Hand, and that she needed to forgive his mistakes… and we assume he advises her to speak to Sansa, as that is what we cut to next, with Dany walking into a conversation between her and Bronze Yohn Royce, about keeping the gates open as long as militarily possible, to enable more people to flee into the castle from the countryside.  This scene winds up going all sorts of sideways, but it has appeared that Sansa has been the lead ruler this entire season.

This scene is going so well.  Dany is actually holding her hand on Sansa’s as she tells her she is there because she loves her brother.  They look like they are on the verge of friendship and understanding, if not downright sisterhood.  Dany’s opening up, Sansa’s opening up… and then we start to talk of “afterwards.”  We haven’t beaten the Army of the Dead yet, but we’re worried about afterwards… and then Sansa goes off the “We said we’d never bow to anyone again, WHAT ABOUT THE NORFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF BITCH” and then we’re interrupted.  (Sansa, you’ve been super smart, but that wasn’t.  For one, you are not even Warden of the North — JON IS.  You should have stopped at “I should have thanked you the moment you arrived.)

We’re interrupted… by Theon Greyjoy, and some Ironborn soldiers.  Mind you, even though Jaime Lannister was instantly brought for a Trial in front of Daenerys, a man who has literally captured this castle is allowed to walk, with armed men, into the presence of both the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the Lady of Winterfell.

Oh, it doesn’t matter… didn’t you know that Sansa Stark was madly in love with the eunuch that captured her family’s castle and killed their people?  I know I did, I’ve called that from the start! (Oh my goodness, where did this come from and why?  I get that Arya’s going to be the one to save the Stark line, but you could have just kept her a Lannister…or even had her become a Clegane.  Where the fuck did this unrequited love for Reek come from?)

I just love seeing Gilly stepping up and becoming a leader.  There sure isn’t anyone calling her a dirty Wildling here.  She fits in well, and she is smiling as she helps people.  We all love you, Gillyflower.

It’s so good that they gave us such a heartwarming scene, after essentially reincarnating a new Shireen into almost the same body and having her try to get food from Davos — as well as telling him that she’s a fighter that will defend the crypts.  Rip my heart out, fuckers. 🙁

Tormund, Edd, Beric, and company all arrive.  Hugs, jokes, and much rejoicing.  Tormund’s getting ready to steal this episode, just get out of his way. 😀  After he tells us that the Night King’s army will be to Winterfell before the sun comes up tomorrow.  Doom is knocking on the door, and we’re about to get a sense of the depth of it here shortly with Mr. Three-Eyed Raven speaking out.

Bran tells them that he is the Night King’s target, and that the Night King will expose himself to try to attack Bran… which does play into several significant theories.  It’s good to see everyone taking these words to heart, as certain people are really going to need to understand that Bran can SEE EVERYTHING here.  We also learn that there have been “many” Three-Eyed Ravens… but he seems to indicate that it has been the same Night King that has tried.  Maybe not lending to the idea of him needing successors — especially when Bran tells us his goal is to essentially delete this world, delete this world’s memory.

The scene with poor Missandei and then Grey Worm is just heartwrenching.  Even though they are little girls, you see racism and fear in their faces… even towards the gentle, amazing Missandei.  You can see that it is destroying her.  They have come to help, and Missandei has felt nothing but hate and fear towards her since she has arrived.  Amazing acting, as you can truly feel the pain Missandei feels.  Grey Worm and Missandei are one of the show’s more touching minor pairings, and you hope that they both survive the upcoming battle, and that one day they are able to see Missandei’s homeland… together.

“And now our watch begins…” Just a truly great scene between Jon, Edd, and Sam, and truly shows the growth in Sam, that he doesn’t WANT his friends to see him as a coward anymore, even though he freely admitted it when he first met them.  Regardless, none of that matters to these three true brothers.  That they are able to make such loving jokes and be fully supportive of each other at all times shows us what brotherhood truly is — and it isn’t about blood at all.  Those two men are King Aegon’s brothers, and I hope they are all able to survive, though I think that is wishful thinking.  They’ll be brothers, even in death, though… “Last man left, burn the rest of us.”

The scene around the fire just shows what the true greatness of this show, and the books that spawned it, has always been — the amazing characters and their interactions.  They could do a whole season of that scene around the fire, telling stories (like the payoff of the Tormund GiantsBABE story/theory) and we’d all watch and love every minute of it.

Arya and the Hound actually get to really TALK for a second, and we see the love we all knew was there.  That is one theory of mine that has definitely not died, as sad as it will be in the end. (Arya will wind up mercy-killing Sandor after he falls against The Mountain, once she’s done killing undead-zombie-Gregor.)  I’ll definitely echo Heather Baxendale-Walsh’s thoughts today, and say that the friendship that has developed between the Hound and Beric has turned into a fun thing, especially when you consider that Sandor HAS killed Beric before.

When Arya asks Sandor “Why are you up here” the answer is simple, even if he can’t put it into words.  He’s there to protect Arya and his “little bird” — the Lady Sansa.  Sandor doesn’t really have a love interest in the story (some tried to connect him to Brienne, but that is just a grudging respect, and a camaraderie over Arya, not love.  The SanSan theory appears to be dead as far as love goes, although he may still get his song from his little bird, when his time comes.  He starts the story as a sworn shield, and he’s going to end the story as a sworn shield, even if we never actually see him lay it at their feet.  He’s also going to show to be one of the truest knights in the story… even though he’s always said “I’m no Knight.”  Yes, you are, Sandor — and you’re one of our favorites.  Big credit to Rory McCann for an amazing job over eight seasons.

(Here’s a link to The Cast Remembers with Rory McCann.  I’m showing this link because you can truly tell that even as much as we’ve all loved Sandor Clegane, he loved playing him even more.)

Then we have Gendry give Arya her spear… before she takes a second one of her choosing.  The Stark line has been saved from extinction… as long as Arya lives, of course.  We all knew that answer, but it is always nice to have theories confirmed.  It’s a good thing, too, because I don’t think there’s a person alive who understands what Sansa is thinking… unless she has sworn to a life of celibacy after the disgusting start to her sex life, with the constant rapes by Ramsay.

Then we get to the Knighting of Ser Brienne of Tarth, by Ser Jaime Lannister.  One of the most beautiful and powerful scenes in the entire series, and the majority of a character arc now completed.  I still think she either has to lose or marry Jaime, but she was always destined to be a Knight, and now she is one.  I still believe she needs to Knight Podrick, but it is what it is.  We can’t always get everything right.

The awesome show of empowerment of women extends to the next scene, with Little Bear Lyanna talking to her cousin, Ser Jorah Mormont.  They never wanted Brienne to fight, but she fought, and is now a Knight and one of, if not the best fighter in all of Westeros.  Jorah is telling the Little Bear that she shouldn’t fight, as others have tried before.  It is funny how we see neither Lords Manderly or Glover here, ready to fight the Night King, but we sure Little Bear.  I hope Aegon lives long enough to decorate at least two spikes, with the heads of those two cowards.  I think the Little Bear likely dies next week, but I think she is going to die in truly heroic fashion, saving a main character, and showing that she truly did belong defending the North with the others.

Samwell interrupts the Little Bear and Jorah, but that’s OK, she was done with people telling her she shouldn’t fight, anyway.  She wishes Jorah good fortune, and clears the way for Sam.  Sam is no coward, but he’s one of the smartest men in all of Westeros — and he knows that Valyrian steel belongs in the hands of a Knight who can put it to good use.  Jorah’s given up his sword, now Sam’s given up his.  It is in the right hands, and it was if a final key was entering a lock — I think they are setup to win the fight ahead.

Podrick’s beautiful song leads us into a “parting is such sweet sorrow” montage as the forces at Winterfell prepare to make war… and the song ends as we cut to Jon in the Crypts, with Dany approaching…

Jon tells her the truth.  He’s Aegon Targaryen.  Her response is telling… “If this is true, you’d be the last male heir of House Targaryen… you’d have a claim to the Throne.”  All Dany cares about is the Throne.  She’s supposed to love Jon, but does she still love him knowing his claim actually is the rightful claim?  Jon’s ALWAYS been the rightful King… and…

<HORN BLAST> <HORN BLAST> <HORN BLAST> — three means White Walkers, y’all… and here they are.  Dany nods at Jon, you’ve got to think they are going to mount the Dragons, but we see the Walkers forming up, and…fade to black.

The preview for next week gave away pretty much nothing, but I think it will be yet another week where we do not see Cersei or King’s Landing.  GoT obviously has a history of doing full-episode battles, and I think the entirety of next week will be the Battle of Winterfell, and potentially the Retreat from Winterfell…


Who did Varys hang out during the rest?  It is definitely interesting that we don’t see him in all those scenes.  He’s friends with Tyrion, why wouldn’t he have been in that room with Tyrion and everyone?  Is this the betrayal everyone expected?  Did he sneak off to give information to Cersei?  Or did D&D just flat forget to use him in those scenes?

I could just be reading too much into it, but we see him when they devise the battle plan, and then we do not see him again.  He is directly behind Dany at the War Council, but he doesn’t appear in a scene after that.  His mind is certainly almost as important as Tyrion’s, but Dany makes no fuss about sticking him in the Crypt, or anywhere else for that matter…

Where’s Melisandre and Kinvara?  The Lord of Light isn’t going to be present at this battle?  The entire reason that Jon lets Melisandre leave the North without being hanged is that the Great War is upon us, he’s seen the Night King, and she “can help him win that war.”  Well, WTF you at, girl?

I’ll be writing up another post later on about how some major theories are holding up, and where things may go from here, so make sure to check for that tomorrow!

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come!


The Jacksons – A Fresh Start!


Hello, denizens of the internet, especially those around Westland, Michigan!

It is Jason S. Jackson here, and I wanted to just give everyone a quick update on our status, and what we’re doing as far as internet projects in the near future.

Why should anyone care about any of this?  For those that don’t know us, my beautiful wife Krystal and I created, and used to own, a local news publication covering the city of Westland, MI.  Westland is a city of nearly 85,000 residents, and my wife and I established both a website and accompanying Facebook Page in October of 2017, with the help of some friendly investors.

I also was launching my second campaign for office in Westland, filing to run for the Westland City Council.  I will be filing the withdrawal paperwork, and will no longer take any active part in Westland’s politics.   We are tired of fake people, and we’re beyond tired of trying to make people realize they’re getting fucked.  We’re tired of stupid internet drama with elected officials, elected officials censoring citizens on governmental Pages, FOIA requests, and other such idiocy.  You’ve no idea the level They have stooped to on the Establishment side here in LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

My candidacy doesn’t matter… I mean, our City Council President is looked at by most citizens as the most unprofessional and classless man they’ve ever met, but he’s a Vice Chair of the Democrats here in the 13th District.  Safe to say our District Party is a clusterfuck… and what is he doing to get people elected exactly?

Our local Democratic Club is a stronghold for the Mayor and friends in the administration and the local “Democrats” — with a bigot installed as it’s puppet leader.   If I can’t even get the support of my own Party as one of the most active Democrats around, then I don’t know what to say.  I don’t do photo ops.  I get things done, and I get people to go out and vote.  One of your “Democratic” Councilmen voted for Trump, that’s all I know.  That’s a fact, Jack.

But not for me, but only because no one votes here.  In a good city election year, 4 of 5 of you don’t vote in Westland.  You get votes if your mailer gets to the senior absentees, just ask Joe Schaefer in 2017.  He lost an election because of an idiotic mailing company, not because he wasn’t the best candidate. (He was, and that election includes myself.)

I am not going to go into great detail as to why my wife and I no longer own or associate with that publication.  We sold the publication’s Facebook Page, and I am not going to be using the domain name or website that was previously associated with the publication.  I didn’t delete anything from the record, though, that’s for sure!

One of the terms of the sale was that I not publicly reveal the sale price, and honestly, I wouldn’t do that anyway.  We got a nice chunk of change, our recognition as the creators, and a public apology to my wife for the drama.  That’s winning like Charlie Sheen… Who cares if They got a Facebook Page?

People have asked if I will be continuing to write, and where they can find my writing — and that is the main purpose of this post.  I know there is a segment of the population that wants me to go after the new owners of that publication, and my only response to that is “Didn’t you get enough already?”

It was never about the publication — it was about a working relationship, and friendship and honor.  Then, it was about principle.  Then, They finally made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  They wanted a non-controversial site.  I write about controversies.

Anyway, I was never really worried about having a place to write… I already had one, I was just going to use it as a campaign website.  Instead, I’ve put ALL of my writing in archived mode, and I am starting completely fresh with my personal and local writings.  If you’re interested in my writing, you’ll be able to find it here!  I wrote about “Game of Thrones” last night (SPOILERS!) 😉

I’ve got the freedom to write about what I wish to write about, I always have.  I didn’t lose any of that when I sold a silly Facebook Page.  Krystal and I are doing just great, thank you very much.

I’ll be converting my old campaign Facebook Page over to a Public Figure page.  I might consider a run for a statewide or federal office at some point down the line, but my wife and I are done with this local political corruption.  We’re sick of everyone in our own hometown trying to stab us in the backs, especially people who say they are your “friends.”

For any business inquiries, please e-mail me at  If you’d like to see my writing portfolio, please let me know.  Westland’s icky politics were messing up my feng shui, but I still have a great deal of writing I can pull up for you.

Establishing web presences is a great deal of what I do, you didn’t think I’d lose mine — did you?