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My name is Jason S. Jackson, and I am running for Westland City Council! I am forty years old, and happily married to my beautiful wife, Krystal. I have lived in Westland almost all of my life, having moved back home when I was eight years old, as my father was gravely ill and wanted to pass away in his hometown. Our family have been homeowners in Westland since before it was Westland, all the way back in the Nankin days, and we are dedicated to making our city the best it can possibly be!

I am the right candidate to be your next City Councilperson. My family and I are heavily active in our local community, and do our best at all times to aid the citizens of Westland. My wife and I participate in charitable efforts throughout our city, and are heavily involved with local leaders and influencers to affect REAL change in this city. When people need help, we ask “What can we do?” I am honest, intelligent, and motivated — with a proven track record of fighting for the truth and helping other human beings.

I ran for this office in 2017, and even though I lost, I never stopped fighting for Westland and working to make it a better place. We have our own Christmas Charity Team, known as “Christmas for Kids with Krystal Claus” and we have provided full Christmases for multiple families every year for seven years now! I am one of the original founding administrators of Fallen Friends of Westland John Glenn, where we have over 5,500 members that honor the memories of those classmates we have lost from JGHS. I also run The Westland Gazette, which is a local news site dedicated to ethical news and information about our great city. I am a former Defensive Coordinator for the Westland Meteors, and am an active mentor to multiple young people in our community.

Even though we have just started our campaign, I am proud to have the official endorsement of Councilwoman Tasha Green, who made history in 2017 as the first African-American woman to be elected to sit on Westland City Council. She is brilliant, successful, and motivated, and we share the same vision for our city — a city FOR THE CITIZENS, and without corrupt influences and shady deals that DO NOT BENEFIT WESTLAND CITIZENS.

I am also officially endorsed by the local political action committee Move Westland Forward, an extremely active political watchdog group who holds politicians accountable, and digs up all the relevant facts to do just that. I am a Lifetime Honorary Member of the Vietnam Veterans of America, due to the heroic service of my late father, Gunnery Sergeant David R. Jackson (Dave), USMC. I am also a longtime member of the Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance, a group that helps the children of Vietnam Veterans deal with the grievous health problems brought on by hereditary Agent Orange poisoning, which I am unfortunately afflicted with.

I envision a Westland without vacant storefronts and lots, and without horrible roads and awful pothole patch jobs. I envision a Westland where parents feel confident that their children can receive a high-quality education, and where there will be activities and recreation for them to grow into fully-rounded people. I envision a Westland where we aren’t beholden to corporations, influencers, and campaign contributors — only to the people. I envision a Westland where people can be proud of their local government, and what they are trying to do for this great city. I envision a Westland like the one I grew up in, because we have slid away from that — and it is unacceptable.

All of this is possible — but I need your help, and we all need to work together! My name is Jason S. Jackson, and you can e-mail me at jason@jasonsjackson.com, or call me at (734)999-0015. I want to hear your concerns, and I will FIGHT for YOU.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to meeting you all very soon!